Zett Responsive Blogger Template | Review

Many people who are still on Blogger platform find it difficult to find an ideal template for their blog. They get confused and finally install a blog template that is not good for their blog. When I started blogging, I used to search for various templates and install some fancy blogger template with tons of widgets. Not only this, I used to change my templates every time I found a new template. This is a very wrong habit and most of the bloggers do this mistake in the beginning. So which template is ideal for your blog? What widgets should it have? What type of background and colour should it have? Well these questions are very common among new bloggers. But the most important question is “Which is the best blogger template ?”. It is very hard to answer this question as every week a new template is released. But I think found an answer that will help many people.
Look at our blog template. Do you like it? Does our blog load fast? Is it easy for you to read our blog posts? Today I am going to tell you on which template our blog runs, do I face problems with my template ? And will I ever change my template ?
Our blog Graphic Tunnel was on Zett Responsive Blogger Template.But now we have shifted to WordPress. The template was made by Chan Deep who is a web developer and a blogger.
Zett Responsive Blogger Template | Review

Zett Responsive Blogger template

Zett blogger template is a clean, stylish and modern blogger template. This template is perfect for almost all types of blogs. You can use it for your tech blog, education blog and many other types of blogs also. It is responsive and has a very small HTML and CSS. It is very simple to edit this template, whether it is the layout or the HTML. The code is very simple and easy to understand. Custom widgets can be added very easily and no problem arises in adding widgets. You can see that I modified my template and adding many other widgets. It was very simple and faced no problems at all. The top subscription box looks modern and is also helpful for getting subscribers. The sidebar has social buttons installed already so you need not search for widgets and install them. The template also loads fast. The user would not have to wait too long for the website to open. The template is seo optimized. The headings, subheadings and minor headings are also stylish and modern.


SEO optimized
Recent Comments
Social Widgets
Subscription Box
Well Documentation
Customize Design
Related Posts Widget
Popular Posts Widget
Supports 404 Page
And many more…
So download the template right now and use it for your blog also. I am using this template since I started my blog. I never faced any problems with the template. I have added picture labels in the sidebar and still the theme loads fast. I recommend all those who are searching for blogger themes to use this template

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Not only this, Blogtipsntricks has got many other templates also. You can choose among those themes also. What do you say about this template? Share your views by commenting below. 
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In overall this template is the one of the best templates to use in Blogger. If you have a good knowledge of development and can handle Blogger template HTML easily, then I would recommend you to use this template.

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