TSOHost Review: Best Hosting Provider In UK

4.7 Stars
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Today inwe will be looking into one of the most premier hosting service TSOHost.

A hosting service from past 13 years that does wonders to you. We will be providing you with the most reliable and honest TSOHost review in this post, so stay with me.

This review includes all the details of TSOHost including their hosting plans and services, web builders, Cloud and VPS services and more.

Also, I’ve included some special discount and coupon codes that you can use to get TSOHost hosting for much cheaper price.


TSOHost Hosting Review

TSOHosting is no doubt one of the fastest and reliable hosting service that you can get in UK.

With services ranging from Cloud integration, Hybrid Cluster and more, TSOHost has announced with pride that they are one of the most updated Hosting service in UK.

TSOHost now has happy and satisfied customers all around the country. Let me now tell you about the Fantastic Four Features of TSOHost.

Fantastic Four Features of TSOHost

Easy Website Management and Great Control Panel:

This thing is their best feature, as far as I am concerned. The website management and the panel that you get is actually perfect. With this  easy-to-use cPanel, you can do your job quickly without wasting your time.

Superfast Loading Speed and the Uptime

Another great feature of TSOHost. With the main servers located in London, and clustered over other servers, TSOHost provides 100% uptime guarantee with fast loading speed.

And in case you a get a sudden traffic burst, you get it all handled by TSOHost, so now worries there.

Free Website Migration And Pricing

Well talking about the Pricing, you will not find anything cheaper and I can assure you that.

One of the most reliable when it comes to pricing, TSOHost does it all. Also it provides you a free website migration when you get ahold with TSOHost so it does wonders there as well.

Handy Customer Service

The customer service makes sure you get help at the time you need it. You do find them there!

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TSOHost Cons

Well if I talk about cons, I will start with the customer service as there was a hype that TSOHost doesn’t provides that good of a customer service.

But I would rather believe it otherwise now. We also have seen some people complaining that the migration of data takes time and backing it up is not easy. But it’s not a big problem when you start using TSOHost.

Now, lets get into the most important features of TSOHost hosting. And these are their hosting plans. We’ll also discuss about their pricing plans.

TSOHost- Web Hosting Plans

TSOHost Web hosting plans are of four types: WordPress Hosting, Cloud based hosting, cPanel Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

TSOHost Hosting WordPress Hosting

They provide fully optimized WordPress hosting that installs seamlessly and works like charm. With their WordPress hosting, it just takes you a few clicks to get your website running on WordPress.

Here are some features of their WordPress hosting:

  • Super fast
  • 1-click Install
  • Free daily website backups
  • No technical experience required
  • Full access to Database and FTP
  • Easily to scale as site grows

Here are the pricing plans of TSOHost’s WordPress hosting:

TSOHost WordPress Hosting

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Cloud Based Host

Cloud Based Host of TSOHost is one of the most famous and wanted hosting plans. With their dedicated servers all over the UK, you also get an easy to use cPanel and a cloud packed of features. Cloud Based Host comes in 4 different pricing-

  • Lite: You get a 500 mb web space, with 5 GB bandwidth. Along with many other features, you don’t get a free domain.
  • Standard: 2.5 GB webspace and a bandwidth of 20 GB is provided.
  • Professional: 10 GB of webspace along with 150 GB of bandwidth along with a free domain.
  • Ultimate: The best web based plan with a free domain, a web space of 100 GB and a bandwidth of 1000 GB with unlimited mailboxes.

See the complete pricing details-

TSOHost Cloud Hosting Review

cPanel Hosting

Now this is another type of hosting that TSOHost provides. You can choose it if you are migrating from another cPanel Host or you want to continue with the existing cPanel.

You get full support and this too comes in three variations- Lite cPanel Hosting, Standard cPanel Hosting, Professional cPanel Hosting.


Reseller Hosting by TSOHost

Using this plan, you can be a TSOHost reseller and can have complete authority over all your clients’ accounts.

Using your intuitive cPanel, you can divide your resources the way you want and can expand the way you like it. There are no restrictions at all regarding what you want do with the resources. Have a look at the resources that you get at a price of just 29.98 Euros.

TSOHost Reseller Hosting Pricing

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TSOHost Virtual Private Servers – TSOHost VPS Hosting Pricing and Features

TSOHost provides a wide range of pricing when it comes to VPS! They in this industry for over 10 years now and are ready to seek fulfill your demands.

With the VPS Hosting ranging in 5 different categories, you get a well-equipped scenarios to choose from as per your need. Before looking at the pricing and the categories let us have a look at the TSOHost VPS features-

Whether you choose a Linux, Windows or Bespoke system, there are a range of options and add-ons available to you.

  • You get a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • In case of any hardware restrictions, you get on spot replacement of the hardware.
  • An extremely easy to use Control Panel
  • You can try and be multi-lingual and the benefits that you get are limitless.

The pricing ranges from Regular which you get at 39.99 Euros/month, to Powerhouse that costs you 209.99 Euros/month, you can actually go as per need and can pick the one perfect for you.

TSOHost Hosting Managed VPS Servers

Conclusion – Overall Rating

The overall rating that I will be giving this hosting company will be 4.7 out 5.

The reason why I am rating it that huge is TSOHost can be the best possible hosting solution of the residents of UK.

Moreover, the pricing plans are truly great and I am sure when I say that TSOHost should be your first and the foremost Hosting Solution if you are in UK.

And if you’re ready to go for TSOHost, use our discount coupon to get 10% off:

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Here is our summary of of TSOHost hosting.

Our Review
Uptime Guarantee
Website Management
Customer Support
Data Backup Speed
4.7 Stars
Should You Go For It?
I would personally recommend you to go for TSOHost. They provide great services that are reliable and cheap at the same time.
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