Top 5 Logo Design Categories – Facets of Graphic Designing

A logo is a piece of fearless gusto. Not only, it needs a handful of spunk but also requires a plethora of creativity. On top of everything, it should not look like a replica of too many lookalike brands. To create something untouched, one must know about various logo categories in graphic designing. Logo styles have five basic partitions named: letter marks, wordmarks, combination marks, emblems, and brand marks.

For graphic designers, understanding the basics of logo types is important. If we dig deep into this concept, it can give us some real understanding of the logo designing craft:


This is the most basic logo types but probably the most impactful for big brands. As the name suggests, this category in the graphic designing serves the brands which prefer simplicity. The logo plainly contains the name of the brand without any abbreviations. One popular example is Facebook. This is the simplest yet the most defining logo type. You can pick any style to showcase your brand names such as signature, handwritten name, some customized font or even existing font which is rather less sought after.


Why this simple logo type serves many brand types because it creates an image of confidence for them as well as for their users. Along with it, it also helps in carving a historical image of the brand with a satire sense of stability. Many mammoths that have accommodated this logo type include Coco-Cola, Canon, Google, Yahoo, Sony, Pinterest, Visa, and Disney.

However, startups may feel skeptical over this much simplicity, but even this can be turned positive for them. For this manifests the full name of the brand, it can be quite a deal for the startups indulging in digital marketing activities.


Many graphic designers can be asked to create such undemanding yet impactful logo. Like Wordmark, lettermark includes the use of the letters but for the abbreviation of the brand name. The logo of CNN is the lettermark type logo because it includes the initial letters of the brand name. As a startup, if you choose Wordmark logo type, then after enough mouth publicity, you can switch to Lettermark for a fancier look.


Many giants who are relying on this type of logo designing services are, HBO (Home Box Office), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, EA (Electronic Arts) and CNN (Cable News Network).

Like many others, if you feel like running into the smartphone race, this logo type can serve the need of the hour.

Both the Wordmark and Lettermark logo types demand the intricate graphic designing skills to bring a touch of individuality. Often, to create something simple, we need to be different.

Combination Mark

A combination logotype suggests both the name of the brand and its symbol. Although, it seems a peculiar approach to follow, a smart creation can turn into an attraction just like Adidas did. These are also called as iconic logotypes and show the visual thought of the brand.

combination mark

In case, you want to approach some distinctive or monochrome colour scheme, this logo type can be the best suited for you. Along with clearly explaining your notion, it also helps you stay divergent from the other similar looking logos. The easily recognizable brands with this logo type are, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Adidas, Lacoste, Walmart and Pizza Hut.

Pictorial Mark

pictoral mark

This is also known as brand mark and just includes an image. For startups, this can be a less approachable path, but for a brand with a unique idea can bid on this. For example, Twitter could do quite a justice with this logo type with its unusually original ideas of social networking.

This logo type is the most expressive logo type and builds a connection between the audience and the brand. Usually, this logo type is accommodated by the brands that serve the global market. This is a quick and artistic idea to leave a mark on the memories of the user. Many renowned examples of such logo type are Instagram, Twitter, Nike, Apple, and WWF.

These logo types also have some fashion names attached to them. Like the Nike symbol is called, “Swoosh”.



Emblem is another form of combination mark type. It also includes the name and graphic presentation of the brand, but with a different approach. In this, the name of the brand is written within the symbol. This logo type is a typical choice in the periphery of the schools, institutes, agencies and sports teams. Out of this, many known brands are keeping through this type named, Starbucks, Ford, Burger King, Harley-Davidson and Master Card.

Logo designing is one of the basic yet intriguing sections of the Graphic Designing. Many novice designers may go confused about the choice of the logo. For them, keeping a basic understanding of logo categories can define the outline for every project they work upon. Apart from the types of logo, having some handful of charming fonts can expedite the process of designing.

List of some such fonts



The font is fairly and strategically cute. It brought in the use of thick bowls to get the cute look in the letters.



This fluffy and cloudy font type is just too cute to avoid. The letters are bubbly and cushiony which are inspired from early time arts.



This font type is sweet appearing and has an intricate ivory design on it. For use, it offers a unique approach towards for big sized font. The font is endearing and bonny.



The font is as interesting as its concept. The font is spacious and gives enough room to read and understand. The inspiration comes from the handwriting of the unconventionally stylized kids.

Graphic designing is an artistic way of communicating general ideas. It has a lot to do with imagination and extensive use of letters and images. Since, it enforces, projecting ideas with the help of graphics, it needs a versatile approach to bring a nouveau sense in the design. These days, several logo design companies are relying on this quick approach of going back to basics. After all, creativity always grows from the roots.

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