How To Take Selfie Like A Pro: Best Tips and Tricks

Are you of the kind who looks at other guys selfies and says, why not me? You are interested in clicking your pics just like them but you find yourself funny in such a pose or position!

Well if you are worried because of these things then please don’t. Here in this post we will be talking about some of the most basic things related to selfies- How to take a good Selfie?Tips to make your Selfie look good for both Males and Females?

Well the list doesn’t just ends up here! I know, you also think about which pose will suit you or which background should you go around? What sort of selfie should be, I mean a hand one or a mirror?

Well do not worry at all as in this post we will be looking at some of the best ways to get your selfie look like your favorite actor or actress.

And trust me, it is not that tough of a thing.

Anyways, taking a selfie comprises of actually here stages. Apart from the obvious- i.e. you and your selfie camera. Stage one where you see yourself. The pose, the angle and things like that.

Stage two is the background. And Stage three is the filtering and uploading part. So let us go through each stage one by one.

How To Take Selfie Like A Pro

selfie tips and tricks

Stage 1: How to make a Good Pose while taking selfies?

Well this is one such thing which males and females, feel alike, worry alike. Until you are not the best photogenic person around.

Now to see which pose suits you the best, the better thing that you can do is stand in front of a mirror and try to judge which pose suits you at the best. It is important to know your good side of the face.

Make a perfect Face Angle

Now this point is very important in stage one and that is getting a perfect angle. You might see that your pictures aren’t that good from front than from side.

So it is just, to hit and trial which angle suits you the best. ** Please do not miss the lower angle** It is seen that almost everyone gets good photos from this angle.

Focus on an accessory or make an interesting expression

This is another something that you must take into consideration. Being a female you can try and show of your new hairstyle, your ear ring, your nose ring. Males can show their hairstyle as well or a new tattoo.

It all depends on you, but just make sure to get a focus. And please don’t forget to smile. That might just be the best thing to focus on.

Stage 2: How to get the perfect background for your selfies?

Getting a good background is as important as the way you ae looking in the picture. You can’t expect to look all beautiful but with a dirty background. To get a good background you must take care of few things that I am about to say.

Please do not use mirror – until there is a no way out

This type of selfies seems interesting but not for everyone. Once you will go on for trying it, you might find the angle mismatch issue and many a times you will just be stuck with a strange expression.

Mirror Selfie Fail

Problem With Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies look cool, but only on a fraction of population.

Get some good lighting

You cannot juts rely on the post click editing of the pic. And let me tell you a little secret, to get the best editing there you need to have enough light on your face.

Good Lighting Selfie

Until you don’t have enough light on your face you cannot edit the pic and in no case it will look good. Unless you are intentionally planning on a selfie with low lighting.

Some good backgrounds can be?

Well the best background is nature. But in case you don’t get it along, try and get some darker background then your clothes. It is a simple logic. Try this, will do wonders for you. And please for heaven’s sake watch out for photo bombers.You can also try with some movie poster.

Stage 3: What to do after you have clicked the selfie? The editing phase!

Now to many this might seem a bit tacky, but in reality it is not. When you have a technology that helps you up, why not use it? You can always experiment with filters and see which one suits you as per the background?

We have provided you some links in this post itself, from where you can get a list of some of the best selfies and makeup apps.

For both Android and Windows Users. And once done that, what are you waiting for? Upload it up everywhere you wish to and be a new trend!

Some tips before you take a selfie

Well here in this segment I will quickly make you go through some of the easiest ways from which you can make your selfie look real great!

Now they are not really ways, they are the ways that can indirectly affect you selfie. Just got through them. There might be a lighting problem or you want to accessorize, or you just simply can’t smile currently. Well here we are, and let’s look at it real quickly.

If you wish to highlight your face, or want a different lighting all together. Stand in front of a window. No, I am really serious. Stand like, 2 or 3 feet maximum away from window (not the door), and you just might feel as if your selfie is looking really good.

One more way to get rid of bad lighting is, take a grey-scale selfie! You might wonder that you can filter it up later, but please take me to my word and do that! You just might find a different look altogether.

Relax! Just Relax! Keep away your phone for a moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Imagine how cute you look and when you are ready, click it up.

What if you can’t smile currently? You are just not able to. Or maybe you don’t like your smile. Do one thing, just squeeze your eyes a little, play with your eyebrow, give a grin from the corner of the lips and there you go.

The last thing- you can always try different angles. Side, Up, Bottom. Just go and click it up.

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