How to Stream from VLC to Chromecast [2019 Updated]

This article will show you how to stream from VLC media player to your chromecast.


What is VLC Media Player?

Before jumping to our main topic, let’s first know what this VLC is? “VLC media player” or simply called “VLC” is the best player you will find to stream movies or shows or any video you want to on your device.

It is free software every mobile, computer, device possess. If you want to watch Movies or videos or shows with a higher quality, VLC is the one you are finding.

VLC is stuffed with features like playback, audio, Video, and subtitles option, too! These features help you out throughout the movie streaming.

Playback will help to reverse or forward the video, audio will help you decide the sound system of the video, Video will specialize your streaming quality and the last option “subtitles” this is my favourite feature, with this feature you can have any language subtitles for your movie! Isn’t VLC the coolest!?

Well, not only this, VLC streaming can now be used on TVs as well.

What is Chromecast?

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Now, What is Chromecast? Well, it is a physical device which can connect your VLC player to your Tv. Plus, it can also help you play your computer games on tv! In short, Chromecast makes your Tv smarter, Smart TV.

Yes! We do have to buy Chromecast but the cost is totally worth it. It cost you US$35 only. So, if you still haven’t bought it, I would advise you to go for it right now.

Things you must have before using Chromecast


  1. Obviously, Chromcast device.
  2. You must have Google Chrome on your device.
  3. Make sure you have an updated version of Google Chrome.
  4. VLC Media Player

How to Stream From VLC to Chromecast

Now, now, now, I know everyone wants to know how can we make it possible I mean how can we stream via VLC. We are almost there.

  • Visit a shop right now and buy CHROMECAST. This device not only will let you stream your favourite movies via VLC on TV but will also let you play games on your TV. So, buy it right now. Totally worth it!

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  • Install Google Chrome and access the cast extension in it. Google Chrome is not only the fastest and smoothe browser it also features “extensions” to increase the quality of your technical world.

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  • Now, set your Chromecast to any of the devices you wish to i.e., You can connect your chromecast to any device you wish.

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  • Open VLC right after and select what movie you want to see. VLC < MEDIA < OPEN FILE < SELECT YOUR MOVIE and play

  • Go to google chrome using the google cast and then select the option cast screen or window.

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  • Now your entire computer desktop will be streaming to Chromecast device which is connected to any of your devices.

  • Go back to VLC and click it into FULL-screen mode and you are done.


Yes! as simple as that, just in a few steps you will be streaming movies via VLC on your TV with the help of Chromecast. not only this, but you can also play your PC games on your Tv to increase the gaming experience by 100%. Don’t sit behind, go to your nearest shop and buy Chromecast right now.

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