8 Secret WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Know

This article contains a collection secret WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you must be knowing. Most of the WhatsApp tricks mentioned in the post are not known by many but are really cool and can be useful to everyone.

One might not be a huge fan of social media, but honestly speaking there wouldn’t be any single person on this colossal planet Earth who is not on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones. The number of users of this amazing app is more than a billion in about 180 countries. Speaking as of now, there is genuinely no other better way of staying in touch with family, friends or relatives anywhere and anytime.

WhatsApp has actually taken a toll on everyone’s life. Leave a day, the whole world seems incomplete without WhatsApp now. WhatsApp has left once-upon-a-time BBM behind. The craze of BBM has just transformed into the ultimate craze of WhatsApp. Not only is it used for the fun part, but WhatsApp is now being used for work purposes also. It is like one of the most basic form and source of communication between people.


8 WhatsApp Tricks you Should Try

Did you know that WhatsApp is actually a pun for the slang “what’s up? “ It does not matter for how long are you or were you on WhatsApp. There are so many tricks or mysterious secrets about WhatsApp that are hardly known. Very few people aware of it. To make you a pro in using this great app, below are few WhatsApp tricks related to it:

WhatsApp Trick to Hide Blue Ticks

No wonder, after the introduction of these blue ticks, life has turned upside down. A lot of trouble has been caused because of these tiny blue ticks. They appear when you read someone’s messages. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make them disappear and live your life in tranquility?

Well, WhatsApp offers an option where one can choose to hide these blue ticks and make them disappear. Keep in in mind, that if you choose the option then even you wouldn’t be able to see any blue ticks.

  • IOS users:  Setting – account – privacy – toggle off read receipts
  • Android users: setting- account – privacy – untick read receipts

Using the above 2 methods, you can disable blue ticks on both iPhone and Android devices.

WhatsApp Typing Tricks

Well, we all have seen various messages as BOLD, Italic or stricken, but only a few of us know how to do it.

So here is a simple WhatsApp font tricks or formatting method to do so.

A conversation becomes interesting only when you can choose from a variety of styles. Some words need to be emphasized, some needs to strike out etc. Well, WhatsApp does has the option of making a word bold, italic and strikeout. It is very simple but is knows to only handful of people.

  • For bold: add an asterisk (*)
  • For italic: add an underscore (_)
  • For strike out: add a tildes (~)

Hope you like these whatsapp tricks of fonts and styling.

WhatsApp Trick to Find your Best Friend

It would be lovely if you get to know who you special person is. WhatsApp helps in finding out that one person whose chats precedes everyone’s chat.  It is very easy to find out. Go to settings and then data storage usage. Click on storage usage and then choose select contact. Few clicks and you will get to know who your WhatsApp buddy is!

Note: This Cool WhatsApp Trick works only for iPhone Users

WhatsApp Hack to Mark Chat as Unread

A lot of times, it happens that one completely forgets to reply. A great way to remind yourself to reply is by marking the chat as unread. You would then know that you have to reply. Marking the chats as unread does not require much efforts.

  • For iOS users: select the chats and then swipe left to right. Choose the option “mark as unread. “
  • For Android users: long press the chat and the go to menu. Choose the option “mark as unread. “

Hope you enjoy this quick WhatsApp hack.

Hide Your Profile Picture

Sometimes a little privacy is desired by everybody. You might wish to hide your profile picture for some time. You can either hide it from everybody or strangers who are not a part of your contact list. All you have to do is go to settings and then to account. Click on privacy and then profile picture. Select the option as per your needs then.

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Cool WhatsApp Tricks to Customize Notifications, Ringtones, Light

What if someone tells you that you can keep a separate tone for the special ones.

WhatsApp helps you in doing that. Keep a separate tone or music for the special ones, so that you get to know instantly that it’s that special person who is texting you.

The steps to do it are same for iOS and Android users. Go to chats and then specific chats. Tap on the contact name on the top and click on custom notifications.

You can easily set a separate message tone for your crush, wife or girlfriend. It will help you know about the sender and you can open the chat accordingly.

Trick to Bookmark WhatsApp Messages

There are certain messages that are very important for you to remember. It could be related to a date or to a meeting. Just a click and amongst the thousands of messages, you will be able to locate that one important message within few seconds. Go to chats and then specific chat. Select the message that is important and double tap to press the star.

How to Save Data on WhatsApp

It is very difficult to save the mobile data pack when your WhatsApp is filled with pictures and videos. To save the limited data allowance, you can choose an option where media will not be downloaded automatically.  Go to settings and then data storage app. Click on the option “media auto-download.”  A lot of data will be saved, trust me!

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There are many more WhatsApp tricks that are to be revealed. But as of now, these 8 simple WhatsApp tricks will surely bring you a little closer to the WhatsApp messenger. Almost each day updates are made available. New and fresh tricks can also be seen due to the updates. The app is just getting bigger and better each day.

Note: We will be adding WhatsApp Trick to Unsend a Message Very soon. 

Keep your WhatsApp updated all the time, so that you can avail all these great facilities which are not known to everyone. Keep Whatsapping and discovering new tricks that will just make you fall in love with this app all over again!!

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