23 Photoshop Brushes Every Designer Must Have

It is very important for a designer to have quality Photoshop brushes. But there are many different kinds of brushes on the web which makes choosing the perfect ones difficult.

Choosing a perfect set of brushes is very essential because different kinds of brushes are used for different purposes.

And as a designer, it is very necessary that you have all the important brushes in your arsenal so that later you don’t panic searching for Photoshop brushes.

To fulfill this purpose, I have compiled this list of best Photoshop brushes that every designer must have in his brush set.

This collection of 23 brushes contains Photoshop brushes of different varieties and some of them are a set of brushes. I find these brushes useful for different projects.

This resource will help you add new brushes to your set. But before moving forward let me tell you something:

All Photoshop brushes are not of equal quality. Some brushes are of very high quality and resolution whereas others are a disaster.

Photoshop also provides pre-installed brushes. These brushes are not enough for all design purposes.

Also adding too many brushes in your brush set can become confusing because sometimes brushes can serve the same purpose. So do go through this list and choose the brushes that fit perfect for your work.

Do share in comments the favorite brush you found in this post. Also share with us some brushes which are equally important and must be added in the list.

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Photoshop Brushes Every Designer Must Have

1. Star Brush Set

Star Brush Set

2. Abstract 1.0 Bundle

Abstract 1.0 Bundle

3. Crack Effect Brushes

Crack Effect Brushes

4. Hand Drawn Arrows Brush Set

Hand Drawn Arrows Brush Set

5. Tech Pixels Brushes

Tech Pixels Photoshop Brushes

6. Smoke Brush Set

Smoke Brushes Set

7. Hi-Res Smoke Brushes

Hi-Res Smoke Photoshop Brushes

8. Skin Brushes

Skin Brushes

9. Cloud Brushes

Cloud Brushes

10. Lens Flare Brushes

Lens Flare Brushes

11. Flying Stone Brushes

Flying Stone Brushes

12. Flat UI Brushes

Flat UI Photoshop Brushes

13. Geometric Abstract Elements – Photoshop Brushes

Geometric Abstract Elements - Photoshop Brushes

14. Hair Brush Pack

Hair Brush Pack

15. Ball of Fire Brush Set

Ball of Fire Brush Set

16. Cross Hatch Photoshop Brushes

Cross Hatch Photoshop Brushes

17. Electrical Lightning Brushes

Electrical Lightning Brushes

18. Drip Collection Brushes

Drip Collection Brushes

19. Rays of Light Brush Set

Rays of Light Photoshop Brush Set

20. Optical Flare Brushes

Optical Flare Brushes

21. Cosmic Light Effects Brushes

Cosmic Light Effects Photoshop Brushes

22. Urban Photoshop Brushes

Urban Photoshop Brushes

23. Space Junk Photoshop Brushes

Space Junk Photoshop Brushes

Bonus Photoshop Brush: Splatter Brush Set

Splatter Brush Set

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