4 Important Ways to Make a Web Design More Video-Friendly

Before you start to publish video content on a website, you may want to ask yourself: Is your web design video-friendly in the first place? The fact of the matter is that videos are very different from other forms of content, and if your web design isn’t video-friendly it could impact their effectiveness.

Needless to say that is probably something you’d want to avoid, which is why you should specifically look to the following ways of making a web design more video-friendly:

  • Pad elements and ensure there is enough white space

Ideally the elements in your web design should be padded and separated with enough white space that they don’t seem crowded or cluttered. While that is always a concern, it is all the more important when video content is present as its ‘busy’ nature tends to amplify it.


  • Use a responsive design

More and more of your website’s viewers are likely to be on mobile devices, and it is essential that your web design cater to that fact and is responsive so that it is optimized for smaller screen sizes. In particular you will want to ensure that your responsive design deals with videos well, and the player that you use is responsive too.


  • Add a video transcript element

Recently video transcripts have started to become very important for SEO purposes, and odds are you’ll want to include one. It would be best if your web design has a specific video transcript element, such as a scroll box that would be perfect if you don’t want the transcript to monopolize the rest of the webpage.


  • Optimize the visual hierarchy

In most cases when video content is published it is intended to be the focus of attention for that webpage. As such the visual hierarchy of your web design should be optimized accordingly, so that viewers’ eyes are naturally drawn to the video. Sometimes that may be as simple as placing the video right below the title, but in others it may be more elaborate.


When you want to make a web design more video-friendly, you may want to edit some of the photos and images that are used – either to ensure there is more white space, provide alternatives for a responsive design, or to optimize the visual hierarchy. That is something that Movavi Photo Editor can help you with as it will let you easily tweak your photos according to your needs.

Using Movavi Photo Editor you’ll be able to improve the quality of your photos, apply filters and effects, remove unwanted elements, and much more. In particular you could use it to add text to photo to use as a placeholder in case you want to implement a click-to-play system for your videos.

In short Movavi Photo Editor could make things much easier when you’re optimizing your web design. Frankly speaking,it could also help you to improve any visual elements that you use, whether it is images or photos that you want to publish.

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