List Spark Review: Build A Massive Email List On Autopilot

Today I want to share a money building guide on “List Spark”. Would you like to earn a lot of money? If Yes! Then list spark is for you.

In the following review I will share about List Spark, its features and some additional perks available. At the end, I've shared my final verdict on whether you should use List Spark or not. 

What is List Spark?

List spark is all-in-one viral email list building system. It combines absolutely everything you need in order to start making money online. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a cent online, you don’t have any money to invest, you have no particular previous experience in this field and you have no clue how to run an online business.

List Spark Power Emails

List spark is a online money making tool which have everything that you need to start your home base business.
The best thing is that you get started without paying a single cent.

What types of List Spark Memberships are available? Or Price of List Spark Membership?

  1. List Spark Standard: It is 100% free for user and will always be free for all.
  2. List Spark PRO: It is Second level of membership level. Newbie must start with standard membership plan which is absolutely free then once you start to earn then you must upgrade your membership that will also help you growth in your online business. It costs $19.95/month

Another perk that you get when you get the List Spark Pro Membership is you get commissions as well. If you are a free member and decide’s to upgrade your account to Pro, you will not get any commission, it will be bypassed to the person who is the major reason why you should get the Pro version of membership.

If you are thinking to get started then you must have email auto-responder available with you. Currently List Spark supports AWeber and GetResponse. We recommend using AWeber. In AWeber you can sign up for Free and can access their 30 days trial in $1.

But if you want to go for 100% free approach and don’t want to spend a single penny then you must register with GetResponse and get their 30 day trial. It doesn’t need any payment or credit card verification.

With List Spark PRO you can earn money while you build your list. You will also learn how to use multiple streams of income to make money with email subscriber list. It includes affiliate marketing, selling solo ads, ad swaps etc.

List Spark Features

List Spark Free Membership Features

  • Proven to convert squeeze pages- tested with conversion stats also. They include exit pop-ups as well.
  • New squeeze pages are provided monthly.
  • Conversion numbers are shown in real time.
  • Training on list building topics- especially how to drive free and paid traffic.
  • Link tracker to track how well your traffic is converting.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Viral Leads.

List Spark Pro Membership Features

  • Pro Training which includes advanced strategies like affiliate marketing, selling solo ads etc.
  • Power emails daily- new high converting products to promote with unique email swipes are provided daily.
  • Unlock the List Spark Sales Funnel (i.e. you get 90% of $19.95 p.m.) – with List Spark Standard/Free you can only collect subscribers, but with List Spark PRO you can make money while you are building a subscriber list. Every time your subscriber decides to upgrade to PRO you will get 90% of $19.95 monthly charge. If your free subscribers are making sales – those sales are getting passed to you! So you will be making sales even when you will not be driving any traffic at all!
  • Unlock System- don’t have to send first 5 subscribers to the person that introduced you. Every subscriber will be yours to keep.

I have also purchase List spark Pro membership because I think it is a great system for getting paid to build your list.

What is difference between Free Traffic and Paid Traffic?

Free Traffic: It is Free and Slow. It also need more efforts and work in making content which can draw traffic to it. It doesn’t drive that targeted traffic to it.

Paid Traffic: It is Paid therefore it is Very fast and quick. It requires less work which lead to less efforts and less time consuming. It draws targeted traffic to it. This is used by Professionals.

How List Spark Pro Membership works?

  1. First you SignUp for List Spark Pro Premium.
  2. You send traffic to your landing page.
  3. You get that person in your email list.
  4. If he SignUp for List Spark Pro Premium, you will be getting 90% lifetime monthly recurring fee.
  5. If he SignUp for Free, you will get him in your list PLUS you will get Five more people that invited by your FREE referral into your list.

How List Spark Free Membership works?

  1. You SignUp for Free Membership.
  2. You send traffic to your landing page.
  3. You have to give the first five people to email list of the person that referred you to List Spark Pro.
  4. Then you start getting your referrals.
  5. If your referrals signup for List Spark Pro Premium, You will be earning 90% of their membership fee for 2 months.

List Spark Pros And Cons


  1. It is viral system that scales up your email list if you use it in the right niche at right time.
  2. You can use it totally for free.
  3. The system includes step by step training used for successful list and website building.


  1. Cannot be used without any traffic source.
  2. It has no community and coaching
  3. Training sections are too basic and it just teach about list building.


List Spark Pro is somehow a good product and also involve a good training and education program so that you can use List Spark with a Pro Skills. It also supports better way to promote, scale and build a successful online business.

I will personally recommend that if you are willing to buy List Spark Pro Membership then go for it because after registering for free membership, you become bounded. If you upgrade from Free membership to List Spark Pro membership then you will not be eligible for the commission which will cut off your earnings.

Our Review
Link Tracker
Customer Support
Daily Power Emails
Step-by-Step Training
Affiliate Link Tracker
New Squeeze Pages Provided Every Month
Real-Time Conversion Numbers
Pro Training Included
Cannot be used without any traffic source
Training Is Basic
4.3 Stars
Final Verdict
I would personally recommend you List Spark. It provides some really great features and will help you get leads more easily.
Our Review
  • Customer Support
  • Viral Leads
  • Daily Power Emails
  • Step-By-Step Training System

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