Download iMessage For PC – Windows 10

If you have an iPhone, you know how difficult some of it’s features are for people who are not technology efficient. In this article, you will get to know the various methods by which imessage can be run on your PC.

What Is imessage?

imessage is a feature of iPhone. This is a messaging feature of iPhone. There are many iPhone users and imessage allows them to send SMS free of cost. The feature of imessage is marked as one of the best features of the iPhone. It is the built-in messaging feature of iPhone. It allows the user to send any message, picture, audio or video to anyone else who uses imessage.

However, there are many instances when you want to use your imessage on the PC. This allows you to send the text messages, audio messages as well as videos to other users using your laptop. However, using imessage on your windows PC is a difficult task. If you are facing problems using the imessage on your PC, then you need not worry. Here is a list of methods by which you can use imessage on your PC.

How To Use iMessage on PC?

If you are looking for ways to use imessage on your Windows PC, then you have stepped in at the right time. Following are the methods to use imessage on PC.

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1. Chrome Remote Desktop:

This is the first method by which you can use iMessage on your windows PC. It is one of the most efficient and common methods that can be used. The steps for this method are as follows:

  1. You should have a Windows PC and mac with imessage for this method.
  2. Next, download chrome and chrome remote desktop on mac as well as Windows PC.
  3. Launch when the installation is completed.
  4. Next, download chrome remote desktop host installer only on mac.
  5. Install it when the download is completed.
  6. A code will appear. Use this code to connect both the PC’s.
  7. You can now use imessage on your Windows PC.

2. Emulator:

The free emulator allows you to install the apps on your PC’s. You can install in-built apps of iPhone also. There are many emulators available. Some of them are iPadian, smart face and You can use your imessage on the Windows PC using an emulator. This process should be avoided if you have a mac laptop. Also you should make sure that the emulator that you are using is safe and does not involve any threats. We will be using the emulator iPadian for this process. The steps that are to be followed are:

  1. Open your search engine and search for ipadian2.
  2. Open the site and download the emulator.
  3. Install the file with an extension “.exe”.
  4. Once the file is installed, run it.
  5. Accept all the terms and conditions and complete the installation process.
  6. When the installation process is completed, open the software on your PC.
  7. Search for imessage. Download the application.
  8. You can now launch imessage and use it.

3. Jailbreak iPhone:

This is another method by which you an use imessage for the Windows PC. This method is however complicated and requires focus as well as accuracy in carrying out the steps efficiently. You need to follow these steps to jailbreak your iPhone:

  1. Search for Cydia in your search engine and install it. Cydia is a software that consists of directory of the applications that can be used when you jail break your iPhone.
  2. Download the application called Remote messages in Cydia. This application costs you $4.
  3. Remote messages allows you to setup a web interface.
  4. You can log onto the interface using the IP address of your iPhone using the search engine or browser. The IP address is preceded by “:333”.
  5. You can now use the imessage on your Windows PC freely

These steps may seem to be complex when you read them. They are however efficiently described in the application. If you concentrate, you will be able to run imessage on your PC efficiently.

4. Message History:

This method uses a third party application. You can install a third party application on your Windows PC and you can access the history of your messages. This method is least complex and is very efficient. There are many third party applications that are available for accessing your message history. One of the best software that you can install is iMyFone D-port iPhone data explorer.

You Are Done!

Congratulations! You are done. If you have followed one of the above processes accurately, you have been successful in accessing your imessage from Windows PC. You can now send your messages using your laptop anytime anywhere. Now, connect to your imessage friends using your Windows PC. We wish you happy messaging!

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