#AwakenYourForce – HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook Is Here

You can also #AwakenYourForce because HP recently dished out a Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. And today I’m here to tell you why it is the best notebook for designers and the ways you can bring out your fun side.


This notebook will enhance your design skills and fuel inspiration in your mind with its awesome design and features. Before wasting any time let’s awaken the force. 🙂

The first thing that catches attention is it’s amazing design with it’s glowing keyboard and an awesome touchpad which I still can’t believe it’s a touchpad.

The back side of the notebook has a detailed high quality Darth Vader wallpaper. So if you are in a cafe or a public place, this wallpaper is the first thing that will catch everyone’s attention. People will come to you and ask things like “Is that the Star Wars Notebook? Man.. Thats Cool!!”.

HP Star Wars Notebook

You can imagine more such things coming to you by just the back side and haven’t discovered the whole notebook yet!

Then comes the mouse. It’s so great and perfect. No words for it! You can just see the image below.

HP Star Wars Notebook

We already discussed above about the red glowing keyboard. It’s ominous glow and looks mind blowing. Have a look and you will realize how great this notebook can be.

HP Star Wars Notebook

Also notice the wallpaper and the touchpad. This design will inspire you while working and will give you some great ideas.

Now coming to the system. The notebook comes with a collection of rare wallpapers, screensavers and themes of Star Wars. You can change to a new wallpaper each day and get some inspiration from it. There are special storyboards in the device and the official Star Wars font Aurebesh.

Again you can amuse your friends by designing something using this font. As a designer, I would create new Star Wars wallpapers myself from this inspiration beast. It’s fun to do something with such great features.

HP Star Wars Notebook

And if you are thinking that it’s just the outer coating of the candy that’s amazing, then you are totally wrong. The specifications of this notebook are also awesome and it’s what a designer would really want.

With the new feel of Windows 10, 8GB Ram and NVIDIA GeForce graphics, I can run all my designing softwares in this notebook and work more efficiently as it also has a touchscreen. It will be fun to create something using just hands and will make me more creative in drawing. 😉

The audio by B&O makes the notebook sound amazing and will blast your ears. As a crazy dubstep fan, I can’t imagine the sound quality of Skrillex and Excision on this notebook.

And to have more fun with this device, I will try to make a dubstep version of the Star Wars theme song. With whatever I learned in music making I guess I will do that.

HP Star Wars Notebook

Whether or not I succeed in making a dubstep version of Star Wars theme song, I’m quite sure that I will make something worth listening.

Coming back to the galactic empire of designers ;), I am sure that every designer will love this notebook and have enjoyed it. Not only designers, this notebook is perfect for everyone as it inspires the moment you look at it.

I just can’t imagine myself using it as I will feel as I belong to the empire. If I go on writing, I will dissolve into the world of Star Wars with this awesome notebook on one of my hand and a lightsaber on the other.

If you have used this device then do share in comments the best feature of this device and the way you had fun with it.


You can just see this image of Darth Vader unboxing the Star Wars Special Edition notebook. 🙂

HP Star Wars Notebook

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