How to Root Bluestacks in 2018 [4 Simple Methods]

If you love emulating android applications on your computer, you must be well aware of “Bluestacks.” In this post, I will explain to you How to Root Bluestacks via 4 great ways.

After this article, you will be able to Root Bluestacks within few minutes. For your easy understanding, I have added step by step guide to root Bluestacks, so that you can easily complete the process of rooting Bluestacks emulator.

What is Bluestacks?

For those who don’t know, Bluestacks2 app player is an emulator that allows Android applications to run directly on the desktop or laptop, for Windows and Mac ones both, without connecting the Android device to it.

Bluestacks app player is very advantageous as it lets us experience our favorite apps and games on a bigger screen, plus it never has any compatibility issues, it always runs the latest versions. This android app player or emulator has got plenty other features that make it addictive like:

  • You will find most popular applications and games that being played most in the welcome tab.
  • You will see the apps and games that you would love to install on the other side.
  • It is the fastest android emulator for windows and mac pc.
  • It lets you open multiple tabs and play multiple games just by switching between the apps
  • You can also watch youtube videos in background while playing the games. Youtube offline feature is also included.
  • You can install and run the application in one click. The interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • It lets you connect to cloud and use your synchronized apps and games on your pc.
  • It app player is completely free to use.

Why Root Bluestacks?

Bluestacks will be more beneficial if rooted because then you will not have to install additional content as it brings several pre-loaded contents to your PC.

You will also be able to run the apps that require the Root Permissions to start.

To adopt the advantages of rooted bluestacks, you must first learn “How to Root it ?”

How to Root Bluestacks

So there are 4 methods to Root Bluestacks in this article. All 4 methods are super easy to follow, however, we recommend you to try the first method that we listed.

First of all, let’s download ‘Bluestacks2‘ for free:

Step-1: Go to this link

Step-2: Download will start soon after.

Step-3: After downloading, complete the installation process.

Step-4: Make a desktop icon for it, click on it and open it.

You are done for now.

Now let’s flow towards the methods of rooting our favorite android emulator.

I’ll explain you 4 super-easy methods step by step that will lead you to root Bluestacks 2. So let’s begin.

1. Rooting Bluestacks using Kingroot

Follow the below guide to learn How to Root it using the Kingroot app :-

Step-1: Download the “Kingroot” app for the Bluestacks2 from this link and install it.


Step-2: Open the Kingroot app and run it in Bluestacks2.

Step-3: Now click on “Root” to start with the rooting process of Bluestacks2. The rooting will then begin.

Step-4: Wait for few minutes. Wait for few more, till a green coloured check mark appears on your screen.

Step-5: You have to reboot the Bluestacks2 software now.

Step-6: Download “RootChecker” from the Google Play Store. Install it soon after. You can also follow this link to get it

Step-7: Run the RootChecker and verify the rooting process.

*Tiding* You have successfully rooted the this software. You can now use it and it will surely perform better than before.

2. Rooting using Pre-rooted Bluestacks

Follow the below guide to learn How to root it using the pre-rooted version which will run KitKat 4.4.2. :-

Step-1: Uninstall the previously installed version of Bluestacks2 on your pc.

Select the option to “Keep data and files of Bluestacks2” during the uninstalling process.

Step-2: Now you have to download the Pre-rooted Bluestacks2 app player. Uncheck the option of ” Use our download manager and get recommended downloads” during the downloading process.

Step-3: Unzip it after downloading. See through the files and find two files, Root.fs and initrd.img. After finding these files, copy them.

Step-4: Now run Bluestacks2 again. A notice will appear and then you have to select the “Apps” option.

Step-5: Download RootChecker from the software’s Google Play Store and install it.

Step-6: Now run the RootChecker and start the rooting process.

Step-7: Let the process complete patiently.

*tiding* You have successfully rooted this app player now. Congratulations. You are now open to using the Top Rooted Apps in it. Have fun using them.

3. How to Root Bluestacks 2 using BS Easy Tool

Follow the below guide to learn How to root it using BS Easy Tool :-

Step-1: Run Bluestacks2 and download the “RootChecker” from the Google Play Store.

Step-2: Run RootChecker and check the root status.

Step-3: Now download the “BS Easy Tool.

Step-4: After downloading, unzip the compressed file to a folder.

Step-5: Double-click on the “BS Helper” file to run it. A small application with few buttons will appear.

Step-6: Now you have to click on “Patch for Superuser X.”

Step-7: Wait for some time. After the process completes, a success message will appear in the status bar. It will open Superuser X in the Bluestacks2 app player.

Step-8: Close that tab. Run the RootChecker again and check the root status.

*tiding* You have successfully rooted the app player on your pc. You are open to run the root requiring apps without any obstacle now.

4. Downloading the Rooted version of Bluestacks 2

Follow this guide to learn how to download the already rooted version to get access to root permission requiring apps:

Step-1: Uninstall the previously installed version of Bluestacks2 on your pc.

Step-2: Make sure you have a running, strong and successful anti-virus software installed on your computer.

Step-3: Activate the “Firewall” in the anti-virus software if it is not already active.

Step-4: Now search for the already rooted versions of the Bluestacks2 app player available on the internet. Download the latest among them.

Step-5 Check the downloaded file for virus thoroughly as it may contain malware. After getting green signal, install it.

Step-6: Run the file once and close it. Run the anti-virus software and check your computer for viruses or malware, especially the Bluestacks2 app player.

Step-7 If you find any sign of your pc being infected, immediately uninstall the Bluestacks2 app player. If not, have fun using it.

*tiding* You now have Rooted Bluestacks2 app player without actually doing anything. Note this is the most hassle free but risky method for the android enthusiasts.


That’s all. These were the methods available to get our beloved app player rooted. If you followed any one of the methods successfully and patiently, you are now using the rooted version comfortably.

Method number one is the safest and best to root Bluestacks, but you can also try the other ones if you want.

Nonetheless you must gain access to the rooted apps available for android.

For any further query, you are free to contact us. Hope you liked the article and found what you were searching for.



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