How to install Minecraft mods 2019 | 5 Simple Steps

Are you looking for ways to enhance and customize your minecraft experience? Minecraft mods are modifications that extend or change the aspect of minecraft and are created by those users who wanted to feature in official game. But the question here is how to install minecraft mods? If you are looking for methods about how to install minecraft mods then  you have come to the right place

Before I answer your question of how to install minecraft mods here are some safety measures that you should follow while downloading and installing minecraft mods.

minecraft mods installation

  • Download modes only from trusted websites as modes itself might contain malware at times. You can find relatively safe Mods to download at Minecraft Forum or Planet Minecraft.
  • Majorly mods that are popular would not create much problem thus it is highly recommended that you go through user reviews and rating so that you know whether the particular mode is widely reported for problems or not.
  • Even if the mod is downloaded from a trusted source it is highly recommended that you run an antivirus scan through the file to make sure it is free from virus.
  • Also make a copy of your .jar file or the whole minecraft folder before installing a new mod so that even if something goes wrong you can revert back to the original file.

How to install Minecraft mods

Minecraft does not have an in game option to install minecraft mod so that means you have to use unofficial tools to install minecraft mods. Initially minecraft mods were to be installed manually that is you had to open the original game files (which are in minecraft.jar), copy the mod, and delete a folder called META-INF. But unfortunately you cannot do the same in latest version of minecraft.

Minecraft forge is a tool that was added to minecraft so that it is possible to create and install all types of mods. The best part about minecraft forge is that it is updated on regular basis and you do not need to make changes in original files.

Following are steps to install Minecraft mods

1. Make a backup file

Before starting, first things first make a backup file so that you do not loose anything in your game.  Open your file explorer, type % appdata%, and press Enter. Then go to /Roaming/.minecraft /saves. 

A folder with subfolders containing all your worlds will appear. Copy them to a different position on your computer. If something goes wrong all you need to do is copy them back to its original position.

2. Download and Install Minecraft Forge

Download Minecraft Forge make sure that you are downloading the latest version of Minecraft forge. After downloading the file double click to open the file and start with installation.

In the dialog box that will appear select the first option (Install Client) and click OK. To verify whether the Minecraft forge is installed or not open Minecraft, select the Forge profile, and launch the game.

3. Download and install modes and resource pakages.

Finding proper mods can be really tricky. Some mods might not be compatible with other mods, some mods might be obsolete and would not work at all. Also you must be aware about the virus and malware that might come along with the mods. If you download mods with the help of Minecraft forge you might avoid most of these mentioned problems

You can find the best sites available for downloading of  minecraft mods and wiki leaks for forge on the official wiki list, as well as the PlanetMinecraft and ResourcePack sites. All mods and resource packages are in ZIP, RAR, or JAR format.

4.  Copy files in the Modes folder

Press Windows + R to open the Run window, type %AppData% and pressEnter. Double click on Roaming and then on .minecraft. There you’ll see the mods folder.

Copy the files that you have downloaded in the mods folder. Next time when you will run minecraft forge will automatically go looking for any changes in the folder.

Also in the case of the resource packs, these are opened from the Options > Resource packs option in Minecraft’s menu. Some mods require specific packages.

5. Run Minecraft!

You can now run minecraft and enjoy playing with different mods. Also please take a note that all minecraft mods comes with different interface and controls so it is advisable to read the instructions before playing.

There are other mod installers and managers like ModLoader or Bukkit  which are very popular, but if you want the easiest and most reliable method, I’d recommend using Minecraft Forge.

After installing minecraft mods with the help of minecraft forge you might have a question that what if something goes wrong? Best part about minecraft is its profiles. All profiles are independent that is whatever happens to one profile does not affect the other thus even if the forge is corrupted it would not affect others.

There is no limit to what you can do with Minecraft modes. Minecraft can be customized highly to enhance your gameplay and create an entirely different gaming experience when compared to standard issue Minecraft. It is because of these mods minecraft became this succesfull as it known to be ,with the Minecraft modding community mentioned as one of the most active modding communities in gaming experiences. There are enourmous amount ways by which you can download and install mods but I personally find it very easy to install an mode with the help of minecraft forge.

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