How To Create Your Own Style in Photoshop

When working on Photoshop, we always use different style and effects. These help us enhance our work and give them a mark of perfection. For instance, adding some shadow or glow to a simple text will make it look much better. In Photoshop, this work is done by blending options. And while working we also create a unique style using different blending options.
How to create your own style in Photoshop
What if you made something really amazing and want to save the blending options of that layer. This task is completed by making a Photoshop style. Almost everyone who uses Photoshop knows what a Photoshop style means. But still some people don’t know such things.

What is a Photoshop Style ?

Basically styles are presets used in different layers which add stunning effects. It’s is the easiest and the quickest way to add multiple effects to a layer. There are many Photoshop style available on the internet.
If you made a combination of effects which looks stunning and are wondering to save it, then don’t worry. This tutorial will teach you how to save your own Photoshop style. It is very simple and once you learn it, it will help you save and use your style easily. So let’s jump in.

How to Create your own Style in Photoshop 

1 – Select the layer of which you want to save the style.
2 – Right click on it and open blending options.
3 – You will see a button below cancel named as “new style”.
4 – Click on that button.
5 – It will open a new small window with options of saving the style.
6 – Give a name to your style and check or uncheck the two boxes namely “include Layer effects” and “include layer blending options”.
7 – You are done. You made your own style.
Well that was really simple. Now you can create your own styles. Your style will be shown in the styles menu along with different styles. You can find many amazing Photoshop styles and you can also learn how to create stunning ones.

Over to You

Now create some amazing Photoshop styles and use it anywhere you want by just one click. Drop your queries in the comments section below. Also subscribe us for more tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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