How Collis Ta’eed Changed The Internet

Great men are not born great, they grow great . . . , Mario Puzo

There are many people who are great. One such person I know is Collis Ta’eed. If you are a designer or a developer, you must have heard this name.

But if you have not, no worries. Let me introduce this amazing person to you.

Collis Ta’eed is the Co-founder & CEO of Envato.

Envato Office

Never heard of it? Meh.

Whenever you buy any stuff related to designing like Photoshop mockups, presentation templates, WordPress themes etc, chances are there that you bought it from him.


Because he’s got a chain of websites that provide resources to people like us. Do I sound confusing to you?

Don’t worry because today you will know Collis Ta’eed very well and will appreciate him and his work.

Who is Collis Ta’eed?

Collis Ta’eed is the Co-founder & CEO of the biggest digital marketplace called Envato. Envato operates eight marketplaces that sells resources and assets for designers. These resources includes themes, graphics, audio, video, 3D modelling etc.

Collis Ta'eed

Image from Envato

Apart from these marketplaces, Collis also provides tutorials and video courses for people to learn graphic and web design, web development, music, photography etc. Tutsplus itself has over 8 sites in different fields that provide free and paid tutorials and courses.

Collis Ta’eed grew up in Papua New Guinea. He moved to Australia to study mathematic and computer science. In his high school he met Jun Rung, one of the co-founders of Envato. Jun was studying Design at the university. He introduced Collis to design.

After learning about design Collis became passionate about it. He left behind his studies and focused on learning graphic and web design. Later he started working as a web designer. There he met Cyan who is now his wife and also a co-founder of Envato. He married Cyan and together they began selling flash files, making around $400 a month.

Story of Envato

It all started back in 2006 when Collis with his wife Cyan and his friend Jun Rung decided to start a lifestyle business that will allow them to work and travel as well.

Collis And Cyan

Collis And Cyan. Image from Envato

Envato started as dedicated marketplace that sold flash files, called FlashDen. The name was changed to ActiveDen after a trademark claim from Adobe.

In 2007, Envato launched PSDTuts+. This website provided Photoshop tutorials. The company also launched FreelanceSwitch, a blog about freelancing.

2008 changed the future of the company. It launched AudioJungle, a marketplace for audio files and ThemeForest, a marketplace for web design.

Envato CEO Collis

Since then the company launched many other marketplaces like, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune, CodeCanyon and VideoHive. Moreover Collis and Cyan moved to Melbourne, Australia where the current office of Envato is located.

PSDTuts+ also expanded by starting different sites about different stuff related to designing.


Envato saw many great achievements in front of them. They were named as “Australia’s Coolest Tech Company” in 2014 by JobAdvisor.

Apart from other company goals, Co-founder Cyan Ta’eed was crowned 2015 Telstra Victoria Business Woman of the Year.

How Collis Changed the Internet

Okay so the question that’s running in your mind is:

How did he change the internet?

Am I right?

To answer this question let me ask you this question:

What would you have done if there was no Envato and Tuts+?

Many of you would say: There are other websites to learn too.

But the truth is that without this brilliant idea of Envato, many people would not have learned what they learned now. Without Envato, our websites would not have looked any better, only few people would have known Photoshop and Illustrator.

Envato Workshop

Image for Envato

Not only this, Envato has also become a way to earn money. There are authors at Envato making millions of dollars just by selling their products. One can make money if they sell their products there.

How Collis Ta’eed Changed My Life

A few years back I was just like a random guy trying to do things on Photoshop. Just like Collis, I was also struggling to learn Photoshop.

One day while searching some tutorials I found Tuts+. I saw that they provide many tutorials of different softwares I didn’t even heard the names of.

Envato Meeting

Image from Envato

From then I have learned so much about graphic design and web design. And without him I wouldn’t have started this blog. Today also if I ever want to learn something I head over to Tuts+.

And there are people just like me. Collis Ta’eed not only changed many lives but he also changed the way we think about something. He is one of the best trend-setter I’ve ever known.


Collis outside Coffee Shop

Image from Envato

If you know Collis then do share what impact he made on your life. And after reading his story and how he changed my life you can realize that he is made of great. Many people still don’t know him. So you can share this as must as possible to let others know how great Collis is and the works he did for all designers and developers.

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