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People nowadays spend time on creating a blog and put all their efforts which involve developing Domain authority, Page Authority and quality and good backlinks profiles.

This is why in this review we are going to talk about a platform where you can find expired domains with a good Domain Authority, Page Authority and quality Backlinks.

The platform is: HammerHead Domains

We will discuss Why expired domains have good authority? , How to find expired domains?, What is Hammerhead?

A blogger is always aware about the importance of DA, PA, and backlinks of a domain. Without domains with high trust flow, domain authority , page authority and good quality of backlink profiles you won’t notice any increase in rankings of your website.

Why to use expired domains?

Essentially there are three reasons people use expired domains
1. To build a PBN.
2. To build a money making site.
3. To redirect to their money site.

Whatever the reason is, the spark behind this is to reach on the first page of Google.

Lets imagine that one day, this website’s domain graphictunnel.com expires. I know this is not going to happen ever, but lets consider the possibility. All of those links which the site has built up over the years would still be pointing towards this domain.

Now if you were to go ahead and register this domain under your name. you develop a website on this domain, so those links will be available that would still be pointing to the site.

This means that you’ll start with a domain which already has a good amount of backlinks, high Domain authority and other metrics too.
It’s worth noting that the backlink profile takes things into account like:

  1. The total number of backlinks.
  2. The total no. of linking domains.
  3. The total no. of linking IP addresses.
  4. The link location on a post or a page.
  5. The anchor text of the link.
  6. The title tag of the link.
  7. If the link is from an image.
  8. If the link is in the comments.
  9. If the link is do-follow or no-follow.

Where can I find expired domains?

If you need to find high quality domains for your niche, there are many resources out there including Domcop, PBN HQ and HammerHead Domains.

In this review I am going to tell you about Hammerhead Domains.

What is Hammerhead Domains?

Hammerhead Domains is an online service which provides expired domains with high quality links and good authority.

It offers a free membership with a few free domains every day and a premium subscription which provides you 70+ high DA domains every single day.

You can also get started with a 3 days trial period in just $2.95. If you like their service and think there is the need to renew this offer then by paying just $27/month you can get the subscription continued for a month.

Hammerhead domains crawls the web for high-authority expired domains and provides filtered lists of these unregistered domains for free.

The best part is that if you don’t have to spend extra amount of money on buying 10-20 domains from a broker or waste time finding expired domains.

But most of the domains are not spam free. This means you will have to cross-check domains for spam before purchasing them. But you can filter the spam free domains.

So you don’t have to waste too much time looking through the lists of spammed domains.

Hammerhead domains are working over the filters for consumers which lets you find out all the filtered spam free domains within no time with just one click.

If you sign up for free now, you’ll get a list of 10 domains/day. The free account is perfect to get started to work on PBNs without spending too much money.

If you need to build a new PBN, then you can use their free list and choose without paying a single extra penny except for registering domains names.

The free list limits you to choose domains with DA maximum 19, which isn’t a deal breaker. But if you need a good ranking, you must look for a domain with stronger metrics.

Some extra perks of having a Hammerhead Domains Pro subscription

Hammerhead Domains offers you a pro subscription for 19$ per month that lets you access more than 10 domains everyday. And you will also be not limited to domains with DA less than 19.

The big benefit of the Pro membership is that from the day you subscribe, any domains that aren’t registered under any names on the day they’re released, get added to your vault. Thus, you’ll end up having tons of domains in your vault with higher authority.

And then whenever you need to expand my PBN, all you need to do is to search the vault for domains.

Pros and Cons of Hammerhead Domains


  1. Account is free and the upgrade account is also cheap.
  2. Filtered Lists which will save you time from finding expired domains manually.
  3. Ease to find great domains with high authority as well as domains in your niche.
  4. You can add many domains in your vault and can use those unregistered high authority domains any time.


  1. You still have to spam check the domains yourself
  2. The monthly fee can add up if you are not generating revenue on your money site


Hammerhead Domains have their pros and cons as well. I like how Hammerhead Domains lets you instantly browse a list of domains.

The best thing is that when you get domains with higher authority, you will find it easy to rank your website on the first page. Moreover, you’ll not have to spend to much time on SEO.

If you’re interested in finding expired domains with high metrics without wasting time, then I would recommend you to go with Hammerhead Domains service.

I have summarized my review of HammerHead domains below:

Our Review
High Quality Domains Everyday
Save Domains To Buy Later By Adding Them To Vault
Filtered Lists Help Find Domains More Easily And Fast
Cheap Pricing Plan For Pro Subscription
Free Version Only Provides Domains With DA Less Than 19
Only 10 Domains/Day For Free Version
Will Have To Spam Check Domains Yourself
4.8 Stars
Final Verdict
This is the best way to find high quality expired domains for free without wasting time. It's free and you'll get a new list of expired domains everyday. Go for it!
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