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Google Docs is one of the most widely used software by professionals, apart from keeping its features to basic minimal, it also contains many nifty shortcuts hacks to help out working professionals by cutting them some slack.                      

                         Below is a compiled list of some of its less known yet highly useful features that you can make use of to increase your productivity and time saving as well.

 Make sure you read onto till the end of post to avoid missing anything of use to you. Videos are there for your help if you aren’t able to understand instructions.

  • To move some text from its current position to some other, you don’t need to use your mouse and keyboard both. You can simply move text from one place to another by selecting the desired part of the document and just drag it along with the mouse while holding the left click button.
  • If you need to shift a certain complete paragraph you can easily do so via keyboard only. Select the whole paragraph and then while holding Shift + Alt press the direction keys to shift it upwards or downwards.
  • Need to increase the font size often? Doing so with the option above can be time wasting. Just select the desired text, hold down the Ctrl + Shift and click on the point key to increase the font size by one point, or comma key to decrease it.
  • To copy your predefined formatting to some other piece of text, simply select the text which is already formatted. Then, click the ‘Paint Format’ icon on the upper left and select the text that you want to change. If you need to do so with multiple pieces of text, double-click on the ‘Paint Format’ icon and you can apply the same formatting as many times as you wish. To get back to normal select mode, simply click on ‘Paint Format’ icon once more.
  • If you need help regarding anything in Google Docs, you need not go through its lengthy help document of a switch to the web.Use the Alt + / keys together. A menu search will open, allowing you to quickly find any possibility of Google Docs.
  • To be able to edit/view lengthy files, click on “View” tab and select “Show document outline“. A panel with items will appears on the left, each of which is the title of the text. Click on the desired item to quickly jump to it.
  • Tired of typing? Think you could do better with the speech to text translation. On the “Tools” tab, select “Voice typing“, click on the microphone icon and speak. You can even use the commands “dot“, “comma“, “exclamation point“, “question mark“, “new line” and “new paragraph” to format the text.
  • It also comes with an inbuilt dictionary. To access it, make use of the combination Ctrl + Shift + Y. Not as good as Cambridge or Oxford, but it does the job.
  • You can search for information on the Web without leaving Google Docs. To do so, call upon the “Browse” function with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I. However if you open an external link, it would be opened in a new tab.
  • If you somehow forgot to edit the image before inserting it in the document, click on the picture, open the “Format” menu and select the desired function in the “Image” item. So you, for example, can change the color of the picture, adjust its transparency or crop and edit its size and more.
  • To share the document quickly over with someone, hover the cursor to the right side of the file, click on the appeared “Add comment” button, put the symbol “@” or “+” and type the email address of the person or select from the contacts.
  • You can also send a mail from within Google Docs while attaching the current document. Open the File tab and then click on Email as attachment…”.
  • For long articles, you can get a direct link to a specific part of the text, place the cursor in the desired location, open the “Insert” menu and select “Bookmark“. However, by default, anyone with this link needs to have access to the entire document to be able to open it or view it.

If you know anything else, any other tips or tricks that might work in Google Docs, surely let us know in below comments. Also, if any of the above isn’t working for you, then tell us, we will try to update it and/or resolve it for you. 

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