How to Fix “Unable To Connect To NVIDIA” Error in 2018

Errors are always annoying. Are you sick of seeing “Unable to connect to NVIDIA” error too? If yes, go further and read the whole article. We will explain you about what is this error all about, what causes it and how to fix the “unable to connect to NVIDIA” error.

By the end of this article, you will have several ways to get rid of this nagging pop up. You will have the solution to your problem and if one way doesn’t work for you, the other one would surely do. Either way, the annoyance will vanish.

The best part is no computer wizardry is required to resolve the issue. A common guy or girl is needed to just follow the below mentioned simple steps and *whoof* the error will be gone!


What causes the error “Unable to connect to NVIDIA ?”

Some drivers and programmes are permitted to update automatically, like GeForce Experience, to ensure the security of the system and to improvise the performance of your computer/laptop.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Programme is a supportive programme for the auto-updating of drivers of GTX graphic card of the computer. Whenever there is a problem with GeForce Experience, the error “Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Check your internet connection. The error occurs not because of the bad internet connection as informed in it, so turning on & off the modem or restarting your pc won’t help. The error occurs because of no precise reason. There are different reasons for different people, but there are some solutions that help in most of the cases.

The major reasons behind Cannot connect to Nvidia error can be;

  • There is some problem in the internet connection.
  • NVIDIA service is unable to run.
  • There is some bugs or glitches in the current version
  • Some files of the operating system are missing or corrupt
  • Some virus or malware is preventing the drivers to work properly.

As I explained earlier, the cause varies from person to person but we are sharing several methods that have been proved to resolve the issue in almost all the cases. They will surely work for you too.

Fix “Unable to connect to NVIDIA” Error

Even though the error is not very harmful but it is certainly very much annoying. It can pop up anytime and may last for months. We strongly suggest you to not ignore it and fix it for once permanently. Check below the solutions and if you follow the steps correctly, you will not encounter the error in future.

1. Fix Unable to Connect to Nvidia by AUTOMATIC DRIVER UPDATE

The major reason behind this error is often the inability of the driver to update automatically. If we can update the driver, we can resolve the annoyance. Try this out:

  – Step 1: Go to this link:

  – Step 2: Download “Automatic Driver Updates.”

– Step 3: Install the software.

– Step 4: Run the “Automatic Driver Updates” it will test for the latest version and automatically download and install the latest Geforce driver.

Your “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” would have gone now. If it isn’t, move further to method number 2.

2. Manually Update Drivers

This is the most used and simple method. If method one didn’t work for you, this one surely will.

– Step 1: Go to the link: and find “Manual Driver Search.”

– Step 2: Search for your suitable driver and then select the one that you want to download.

– Step 3: Click the green button “AGREE AND DOWNLOAD” there.

– Step 4: Press Win+R, type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter. This will open the device manager.

– Step 5: Go to display driver and then to Graphic Card.

– Step 6: Right click on graphic card and choose “update driver software.”

– Step 7: Find and select the driver that you downloaded in STEP 3. Just follow the instructions appearing on your screen then. Thats it.


This one is the most obvious method to fix GEFORCE EXPERIENCE unable to connect to NVIDIA error. If you are using the version of Geforce Experience older than 2.5.x.x then you must upgrade it.

– Step 1: Download the latest version of Geforce Experience for NVIDIA support website.

– Step 2: Install the programme and run it. Make sure that you are running the latest version now.

If the problem still persists, scroll down to method number 4.

4. Restart NVIDIA Services

This is last but not the least method and is one of the best methods to resolve the “Cannot connect to NVIDIA servers” issue. The cause behind the error is often the inability of NVIDIA network services to start properly. It gets stuck in ‘starting’ status. To solve this problem:

– Step 1: Press Windows and R key simultaneously, type “services.msc” and press enter.

– Step 2: Press the N key to quickly find the NVIDIA Network Service. You may see that the status of it is “starting” while all the others are showing “started.”

– Step 3: Now go to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\.

Delete NSManagedTasks.xml, which would be an XML file.

(click on “Show hidden folders” if you can’t find the file)

– Step 4: Go to Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl+Del button at the same time.

– Step 5: Go to the “Details” tab and “NVNetworkService.exe.” Then click on “End Task.”


– Step 6:  Now click on “Services” window, right-click “NVIDIA Network Service” and start it.

You have got rid of this error successfully.

This error has been causing persistence problem to millennial users, especially the gamers as it is the spirit of gaming. NVIDIA also hasn’t provided any solid solution to this problem, but we got you all covered. We have given the antidote.

If you still haven’t figured out “How to fix “unable to connect to NVIDIA ?” Then, either you weren’t paying attention while scrolling or haven’t really followed the steps mention above. All the methods are precisely working and resolving the issue regardless the reason behind it.

You can now play the latest games and use whatever the graphics card you want without being annoyed by anyone unless your little sister has no plans to do so.

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