3 Simple Tips to Start Editing Photos To Look Great

Do you want to edit your photos so that they turn out like some of the stunning images you may have seen professional photographers produce? Although it may seem as though there’s no way you could do the same, you’d be surprised to know that a lot of what they do really boils down to some simple editing techniques.

3 Editing Tips that you must use

If you want to get started down the road to being able to edit photos like a professional, here are 3 tips that will help you get off to a strong start:

  • Play around with the frame and composition

Framing and composition are arguably the most important aspects of photography, and by playing around with them you’ll learn a lot. Start by trying to crop your photos in various ways to see how it alters how it looks, and later on you can try removing any unwanted objects, leveling (or skewing) the horizon line, and so on.


  • Utilize the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a simple yet effective tool that can help improve your frame and composition. Essentially it involves dividing the photo into thirds both vertically and horizontally, then positioning important elements along the lines, at the intersections, or in one segment. Like all rules it is meant to be broken in some cases, but utilizing it when you first start out can help you create some great-looking photos.


  • Experiment with color adjustment

One of the best ways to improve the ‘quality’ of a photo is by adjusting its colors – mainly because the biggest culprit behind poor quality photos is often bad lighting. By tweaking the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, highlights, shadows and other color settings you can correct most issues, and can also create some interesting effects by providing emphasis to certain elements using contrast.

All these three tips should help to give you a strong foundation, and you can then learn more about specific techniques as you go along. In time, you may even feel confident enough to try more advanced editing techniques, but the basics will remain the same.

Of course if you want to edit your photos you’ll need a capable photo software – and Movavi Photo Editor will be a good option. It will provide you with everything you need to edit your photos, and its intuitive nature will allow you to quickly learn to use it.

Within Movavi Photo Editor you’ll find a wide range of tools that will let you edit photos in numerous ways. It will let you improve the photo quality, remove unwanted elements, replace the background, fix common problems, apply stylish filters, touch up portraits, and much more.


All it will take is a bit of experimenting for you to familiarize yourself with the features in Movavi Photo Editor. Once you do and with the help of the tips listed above, you should be able to immediately begin to improve your photos and turn them into great-looking images that you can share with others.

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