How To Delete All Instagram Photos | Single Click

Is your Instagram full of pictures? Do you want to delete your old embarrassing photos?

Or do you just want to delete all Instagram photos from your profile?

Whatever the reason is, it’s very simple to delete all your pictures from Instagram.

Instead of deleting all the photos manually one by one, wouldn’t it be great to delete them all with a single click?

There are many apps and websites out there that promise to delete your Instagram pictures.

But these websites either don’t work or violate your privacy.

That’s why I’m writing this post.

In this post, you’ll learn how to delete all Instagram photos in a fast and easy way. After trying many different methods, I can guarantee that this method works the best and is safe.

So let’s begin.

How To Delete All Instagram Photos In Android And iOS

For Android and iOS users, it’s very simple to delete all your Instagram pictures.

Here are the steps you have to follow to delete all your photos from Instagram.

Step 1. Download Cleaner for Instagram app from PlayStore

Cleaner for Instagram (Android / iOS) is an app that allows you to unfollow people, block users, and mass deletes your photos. Here we are only concerned about deleting Instagram all photos with a single click.

There are many apps like this available but I’m recommending this one because of two reasons:

Reason #1 – It’s available on the PlayStore which means it’s safe to use.

Reason #2 – Many mass photo deleting apps don’t delete all photos as they promise to. This one deletes all Instagram photos easily.

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Step 2. Log in your Instagram account in Cleaner for Instagram app

The next step is to log in your Instagram account in the Cleaner for Instagram app.

Delete All instagram photos

Step 3. Click on the media tab to see your account photos

Once you log in the app, you’ll see this:

Instagram mass delete app

Click on the media tab at the middle bottom to go to your photos. Once you do this, you’ll be able to see all your Instagram photos.

Instagram Mass Delete Photos

Step 4. Click on Quick select and Select All

Click on the blue “Quick Select” button and you’ll see various selection options.

How to delete all my instagram photos

At the top is the Select All options. Click it to select all your photos on your Instagram profile.

Select All Instagram Images And Delete

Step 5. Delete All Instagram Photos With A Single Click

After selecting all your Instagram photos, click on the little blue lightning bolt button. You’ll see an option to delete photos.

Delete All Insta pics

Click on this delete button and you’re done.

Wasn’t this simple? Imagine how long it would’ve have taken you if you deleted all your Instagram photos manually one by one.

This app makes everything so easy and fast that you can delete all your photos with a single click. You can use this app to delete your Instagram photos on Android and iOS (iPhone).

Final Words And What To Do Next

Deleting all Instagram photos has become very fast and easy with the above method. But before deleting your precious Instagram photos, all make sure you have a back up of them so that you don’t lose your memories forever.

In the app mentioned in the above method, you can select all your Instagram photos and download them first before deleting them so that you have a backup.

So you deleted all your Instagram photos? Now what?

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