How to Create Real Stars in Photoshop

Welcome to Graphic Tunnel. This is our first and the easiest Adobe Photoshop tutorial. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add stars to a picture in photoshop. Many Photoshop beginners try to download star brushes from the internet to create star effect in photoshop but it is not how it works.
create simple realistic stars in Photoshop
The reason for not choosing photoshop star brushes is that some brushes are not of good quality and the star brushes which you download are not of your desired choice.
So, it’s better to create your own custom realistic star brush photoshop preset so that it can be used later also. The process is simple and easy. Just follow the below steps and then you will know how to make your own Adobe Photoshop Star Brushes of your desired choice.
1. Open Adobe Photoshop CS6.
2. When the window opens, click on File and select New.
3. A new window opens. Select the size of the image you want. Here, I have selected 1024*1024. Select Background Contents option to Background Colour.
4. Make sure you have selected Black colour before creating the image.
5. Once the image is open, right click on the Background layer in the layers tab and select Layer from Background. This will create your locked Background into a Layer.
6. Now create a new layer.
7. Once the layer is created, select the brush tool and select the fourth brush.
8. Now as you have selected a brush, open the brush panel. You can do this by clicking on the windows bar on top and selecting a brush.
9. The brush panel shows the properties of the brush. Here you can edit various brushes and make your own custom brushes.
10. Select your brush size to 3px and with a spacing of 260px.
11. Now under Shape Dynamics, set the size jitter to 100%.
12. On the scattering tab, select both axes and scatter to 1000% with a count of 1. Also, change the Count jitter to 100%.
13. Select the Transfer Window. Here set the opacity jitter to 100% and also the flow jitter to 100%.
14. Now your brush is ready. You may want to save it, so click on the left top corner of the Brush Panel and click on New Brush Preset.
15. Name your Brush (for example = Stars).
16. Now we just need to make the stars on your lonely black background. Just make stars in any pattern. You can make circles on whole background.
17. Finally, you will get a look like this or better than this.
That’s it, now you can add star effect in photoshop without using brushes download from the internet. Still, if you are feeling that this image can be better than you are right. I made a universe by using the stars overlay photoshop which we made above and doing some other things which I will show you soon on my upcoming posts.
For now, I can just show you two images that I made using those stars and some additional things. So, you can imagine the magic of Photoshop.
I used to wonder how people make such real space images and adding such beautiful planets. Everyone can create such realistic images using Adobe Photoshop CS6 if they have the knowledge of making it.
So this was a simple adobe photoshop tutorial for beginners on how to create stars in Photoshop.
If you found this helpful in any way then do share it with your friends. Also, tell us what brushes you made yourself.

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