You are happily invited to contribute useful content to our community. I love 
guest posts because it lets me hear opinions from different people. 

I am looking for graphic designers, developers, artists, web designers and other coaches who love to contribute to this blog. 

Why Graphic Tunnel?

Graphic Tunnel was started in October 2014 and in such a short span of time we already have more than 25 guest authors who provide high quality content. You can also become one of our top contributors if you provide helpful posts to our blog.

How to Guest Post?
You just need to send us an email from our contact form. The information you need to fill in the email is given below:

1 – Some insights about the article with the article title. 
2 – Your Name and a Small author bio. 
3 – A picture of yours for the author box. It is recommended that you provide your own picture.
4 – A small list of examples of previous work

After this, you will be made the author of the blog and you will just have to draft the post as it is. The other changes will be made by us and the post will also be published by us.

Requirements of the post
In order to make sure that you provide some value to this blog, we made some requirements that must be fulfilled to publish your guest post. These are:

1 – Article must be in English
2 – You should send us your original photo.
3 – Do not put any links in the post. You will get a backlink in your author box. 
4 – The article must be at least 1000 words. We have stopped accepting small articles. 
5 – It is good if you structure your post in small paragraphs and headings. 
6 – No affiliate links are allowed in the post.
7 – You can link to relevant articles of Graphic Tunnel in the post. 
8 – Write good articles to provide some good value to the audience not the search engines.
9 – You should be active in replying to comments/questions of your guest post. 
10 – The post must not copied from other websites. 

It is very easy to follow these simple 10 rules. And if you follow these rules correctly and your article is worth reading then it is sure that you will get one backlink in the post. It can also be an affiliate link or a link to your own website. 

What to post about?
There are various categories to post about. You can check the labels on our website to know what we post about. The top topics on which you can post are:
| Graphic Design | Motion Graphics | Web Development | Technology | Photography | WordPress

>These are the types of post you can submit us from the topics. 

+ Tips
+ Tricks
+ Tutorials
+ Video Tutorials
+ Infographics
+ Top Lists
+ Reviews 
+ Themes
+ Plugins