71 Of The Very Best Circular Logos For Your Inspiration

Different logos have different shapes. But the best logos are geometric in shape. And in different geometric shapes, circles are the most common. You will notice that many different logos are circular in shape. Round and circular logos are simple and are effective to be memorized by people. This is why today many brands have rounded and circular logos.

And if you are also looking to design a circular logo, you’re in the right place. I have a mind-blowing collection of the best circular logos ever designed. These logos are of both big and small companies. I searched around for the best ones and found over 70 of them.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next project, scroll down and explore these fantastic circular and rounded logos.


70+ Best Round Shape & Circular Logos For Inspiration

Rocket logo

2. Feathers

 Feathers rounded logo

3. wip

wip circular logo

4. Nomway global

Nomway global circular logo

5. Bent Circle

Bent Circle

6. Gostest

Gostest circular shaped logo

Target Logo

8. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Logo

9. Blipper

Blipper Circular Logo

Lufthansa Logo 11. Fluid circle concept

Fluid circle concept

BMW Logo

13. Lookafterpets.Com

Lookafterpets logo

Flywheel Logo

Zebra Circular Logo

Circular Shaped Logo

17. Round Fox

Round Fox

'Penguin Child' Logo

Nivea Logo

20. Lil’ Rhino

Lil' Rhino

21. Karma Cafe

Karma Cafe

MyFox Logo

Pepsi Logo

AT&T Logo

25. Black swan

Black swan

CBS Logo

27. HSco. Monogram

HSco. Monogram

State Bank of India Logo

uTorrent Logo

30. ECI Logomark

ECI Logomark

GI round Logo

BitTorrent Logo

33. Arctic octopus

Arctic octopus

Dell Logo

35. Cleared Path

Cleared Path

Comedy Central Logo

37. Cardinal Media

Cardinal Media

ABC Logo

Gemma Louise Photography Logo-min

Hippy Round Shape Logo

Vodafone Logo

Chauffeur service logo

Oakland Athletics Logo

Luminance Logo

45. Escher Mark 

Escher Mark

46. Zimbabwe Anti-Poaching March

Zimbabwe Anti-Poaching March

Owl Logo

Chanel Logo Full

General Electric Logo

Basecamp Logo

Bacardi Logo

Motorolla Logo

Dualog Logo

Bento Designer Logo

Virgin Logo

Laundry Lab Logo

Waterloo Church Logo

Sfera Studios Logo

LG Logo

60. Foster Design

Foster Design

Bird upd Logo

Play Effect Logo

Morris Island Logo

Fire Bird Logo

65. Foxystats


Whale Round Shape Logo

Puffin Logo

68. Logo Exploration

Logo Exploration

Lamb Logo

Flexibits Logo

Circular Logos


These were some really great designs of circular and round logos. These logos can help you get some ideas for your next project. Looking to create a circle shaped logo for your client, design logos inspired from the above collection.

If you really loved these logos, do share it with others who would love to look at these logos.

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