A Christmas In The Galactic Empire

Celebrating Christmas each year the same way might be boring for many of you. Why not try something new. And since Star Wars is around us these days, why not celebrate Christmas in the galactic empire.

But let me tell you one thing first:

Star Wars Christmas

If you are not a Star Wars fan then stay out of this!! This is for the Darkside. And if you are in then you can’t go out. This is how it works in the empire.

So let us celebrate Christmas in the empire.

  1. Wake Up Early In The Morning And Have A Glass Of Bantha Milk

If you are a Star Wars fan then this thing doesn’t need any introduction. So for a Star Wars christmas, what you need first is Bantha milk that will keep you active the whole day.

Star Wars Christmas

Because chances are there that the Siths knock your door and kill you. Why?

Because they know you are having a Star Wars Christmas.

2. Prepare Some Dessert For Your Stormtrooper Friends

It’s Christmas right? So there will be guests at your house. You should make something for them.

What about Stormtrooper cupcakes. They will definitely like it. And you will too.

Star Wars Christmas

And for later you can create a Star Wars cake for everyone.

Star Wars Christmas

3. Play Some Games or Watch Star Wars Movies

It’s still early and you may get bored waiting for guests. Why not play some games on your Star Wars notebook.

Star Wars Christmas

It’s awesome display and performance will prevent you from pressing the pause button so be careful!

4. Decoration Time

Playtime is over! Now let’s decorate the tree. Such elements will be perfect for a Star Wars Christmas.

Star Wars Christmas

Star Wars Christmas

5. Blend Yourself Into The Empire

It’s a Star Wars Christmas. Your guest will be amused if you dress somewhat like this.

Star Wars Christmas

6. Don’t Forget Star Wars Cookies

One thing that is very important is to make Star Wars cookies. You can make many different variations. From Stormtroopers to Darth Vader, everything is acceptable because its Christmas in the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Christmas

7. Star Wars Gingerbread House

The best thing you can do in a Star Wars Christmas is create a gingerbread house. My favourite is a Death Star Gingerbread house. This is how it looks.

Star Wars Christmas

And to make it more interesting what about some Star Wars marshmallows.

Star Wars Christmas

8. Wrap Presents

The most exciting part of Christmas is presents. If you want to give someone a perfect present then there is noting better than the new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.

Star Wars Christmas

Loaded with Windows 10, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce graphics and many features, this is a perfect Star Wars present. It also has rare Star Wars Wallpapers, screensavers, storyboards and Aurebesh font(You know what it is ;).

Star Wars Christmas

The notebook has an awesome Darth Vader wallpaper on the back side and ominous red glow keyboard. And the touchpad is truly awesome.

9. Get Ready For The Party With Some Jizz Music

You know what I’m talking about. A Star Wars Christmas is not complete without Jizz music. Load the your device with some jizz music and get ready for the party.

Star Wars Christmas

10. It’s Showtime!

Well it’s showtime!

Star Wars Christmas

It’s time for you to #AwakenYourForce and enjoy this Christmas in the empire. This Star Wars Christmas will be the best one you will ever have so enjoy every minute of it. And bring out your fun side with the HP Special Edition Star Wars notebook this Christmas.

Just by thinking about it, I brought the fun side out of me so you can imagine have such an amazing laptop will blow my mind with fun and creativity.

At last, share your ideas of having a Star Wars Christmas. May the Force be with you.

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