8 Best Bookzz Alternatives to Get Free eBooks

On 29.05.2017, one of the leading e-book download website: bookzz.org announced its formal shutdown. In an e-mail to its subscribers, the website informed that they had lost their bookzz domain and that they had to move on to b-ok.org. Unless you don’t know how to use VPN (virtual private network), it’s very difficult for you to legally search and download e-books for free. However, it’s illegal to download e-books from unreliable sources, we are going to provide you a list of free and best Bookzz alternatives from where you can read & download e-books totally for free.


8 Best Bookzz Alternatives

So, here goes the list of bookzz alternatives you might get interested in;


If you are searching for bookzz alternative Reddit then Library Genesis is a great find for you. A Russia based website is now one of the largest and longest running collections of books openly available to all those who love reading books of any kind and want to get it online for free.

With a collection of more than 1.5 millions of non-fiction books and almost an equivalent number of fiction books you can get a great collection of your course-related books as well as books which you read for pleasure. One of the best alternative on internet for book lovers, here you can find an equivalent number of books which you might have got on bookzz.org.

With over 20 millions of journals of science, literature, arts, history etc. this bookzz alternative is everything you might be searching for.

Visit now: https://sites.google.com/site/themetalibrary/library-genesis


Open Library is another viable alternative to Bookzz.org. With separate categories for Arts, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Biography, Recepies and Romance this alternative is one of the most easily accessible websites you can ever get.

Open to all as the name specifies you can borrow books here and read it online whenever you’re free or you may also download book of your choice very easily. With a huge collection of technical books this website would prove to be more helpful for technical students.

Visit now: https://openlibrary.org/


An another alternative with a lot of authors for bookzz.org is free e-book. With categories like Fictional audio books, Non-fictional audio books, Children audio books this website makes into the list as one of most liked website for free e-book downloads. However, there is a download limit for anonymous users on this site that doesn’t mean that you can’t download unlimited books from free e-books.net.

All you have to do is to become a registered user for the site and then you can have access to as many books you want. So, if you are looking for Bookzz alternatives in research sector, this shall be your pick.

Check now: https://www.free-ebooks.net/


Another similar site is booksc. For science researchers this website is the best alternative among all presented in this artical. What makes it best for science researchers is its content related to science & technology.

With more than 50 millions of research journals, this website is one of the leading and best suggestions for those who are in the research and engineering field. A lot of articles and research papers can be easily found over this search engine.

Visit now: http://booksc.org/


After it was established in 2007 this website is one of the fastest growing websites for e-book download. Leaving behind major giants in the field of providing free e-books for reading books and downloading online this website has become one of the major alternatives for bookzz.org in a very less amount of time.

This website even shares thousands of adult e-books which may be used by the adult students for research purposes. Providing a variety of e-books like purely legal, purple candy, playboy Africa etc this website can be of great use to the youth who either enjoy reading adult journals or are in the research field. Even this website provides monthly adult magazines like club, kama sensation, max magazine etc. which the youth may find lucrative.

For the ones who don’t love reading can develop a reading habit through this website as they may find much interesting stuffs to read. Visit Ebook3000 now



With over 230 billions of web pages search on the internet, internet archive is a tough competitor to all new comer websites in the field of providing free e-books online.

This website alone has more than 50 millions of books available online for download. That means you have 50 millions of books from different sectors you can have on your hands to download. Apart from that it has over 12 millions of text files and a lot more to download. However, if you are searching for the best alternative for the bookzz.org you should consider internet archive as a part of your consideration.

Link: https://archive.org/



Within its initiative named project gutenberg, it offers over 54000 useful e-books. You can even choose epub books, kindle edition books download them or even read them online. If you are searching for the rarest of rare kind of books this is the best website to find the same. you can find here oldest books in literature especially the one’s whose copyright has been expired.

In other words, if you download books from this website you won’t be committing a crime. Infact, most of the times they provide you books whose copyrights are expired. Therefore, even if your IP gets tracked while downloading books from this website, don’t worry, seat relaxed you ain’t gonna land among the bars. Visit now: http://www.gutenberg.org/


Last but not the least, bookboon.com is indeed a boon for you if you study arts and commerce and are not able to find books of your choice easily for free.

One of the best bookzz alternatives, this website provides with the best category books in the field of accounting, career & advice, economics and finance, language, engineering and many more. Bookboon provides both the free and premium access to the website. However, if you want to start downloading unlimited eBooks from this website you must become a registered member of the site not necessarily premium member. With just 4 steps to download any book from this site it’s one of the most easily accessible websites.

Visit now: http://bookboon.com/

Top 8 Sites like Bookzz.org

So, finally here is the final list of all 8 bookzz alternatives we’ve already mentioned above:

  1. Library Genesis
  2. Open Library
  3. Free Ebooks
  4. Booksc
  5. Ebook3000.com
  6. Internet Archive
  7. Gutenberg.Org
  8. Bookboon.com

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Well! there it is which you’ve been searching for. Go through the description of the sites and find out the most suitable website for yourself. And let us know how was your experience in the comment section below. We would also be expecting positive constructive feedback and suggestions from your side. Happy Learning!

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