[Updated] Bleach Brave Souls Mod Apk, Hack & Cheats

Bleach Brave Souls is an Action packed RPG based Hack and Slash game. It is based on Anime series and is only available for selected countries. KLab Global PTE LTD has developed the game. Bleach brave souls is a free game available for both iOS and Android devices worldwide. Further, the game is very pleasing to play for its gameplay is very attractive. By downloading Bleach Brave Souls Mod apk version you can build your gang.

Since the game is RPG Based so you can enter the fights and win aka XP to level up characters. To download Bleach Brave Souls game you can visit Androdpalace.org or use its official site. Also, check out the latest version 5.0.4 of Bleach Brave Souls game.

Further, this game is created by the same name as that of animated series. The game involves lots of super-abilities, weapons, and other skills to fight against enemies. Also, the game looks very interesting with demanding graphics that surprises players at each step. It has a beautiful background and magnificent special effects. Further, this hack and slash based adventure RPG game is worth trying.

Features of Bleach Brave Souls Mod apk

The game is interesting to play in which to raise the level you do not need to pay any money. Just sending invites to your friends will get you to the new level.

Exciting 3D graphics

The graphics of the game are simple. Also, the controls used makes it free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action game.

Epic Special Moves

This feature lets you unleash unique special moves of each Bleach characters. This is to shape your way to success. Special moves here are in the original Japanese anime voice.

Three’s Company

You can combine your favorite characters in the teams of three. It allows making combinations of characters that are limitless and not present in the original story.

Relive the Bleach story

Have a look at the Bleach story from the moment Rukia and Ichigo first met. You can even develop your characters as you complete quests recreating critical scenes from the story.

Battle Other Players

You can compete in weekly leagues. It also allows putting your best warriors against the player of other teams.

Develop your Characters

Brave Souls features extremely supple character improvement system that allows creating the warriors and the team of your choice. Enter the battle and earn experience to raise the characters improving their base stats. You can ascend them to max level or train them on the Soul Tree for further improvement of specific stats. You can even link characters providing additional support.

Gameplay of Bleach Brave Souls

Players can choose either to play solo or play online with other players to team up for cooperative battles. When you start the game, Rukia will serve as the guide helping you with the tutorial. All of the battles take place in real time combat, and you have four attack buttons on the right side and a movement pad present on the left side. Hence to dodge out of the way of attacks you can quickly swipe the motion in any direction. Also, this action can be performed even in the middle of attacks thus giving you the freedom to trick around the battlefield during fighting with enemies.

Whether you or your enemy uses a special attack, the game will switch over. It will show unusual cut scenes and images making the transition seamless. Both targeting and fighting are easy as long you hold the attack button. Further, the character will repeatedly attempt to aim the nearest opponent unless you plot to target another enemy as a substitute.

Apart from this, choosing the co-operative battle option will allow randomly joining of other players, creating your room, or else join the definite room. Follow the main screen, and you will find the summon shop that will let you earn more partners with the help of Spirit orbs. Another feature of the game involves a special type of currency,  used for a variety of things in the game ranging from buying characters to leveling up. So when you send for a new character, it will at random roll the character you want to unlock.

After you clear the mission, more money and experience points will add up. Apart from this, it will help to raise your level up. You can later use these coins for upgrading your characters, making them stronger. It even lets you buy accessories and some new abilities from the Soul Tree making your favorite character more powerful. Apart from the story mode, the game contains daily missions called as “Orders” that are more like achievements. Further, if you complete the mission, you can unlock more special items, weekly tasks, and unusual events. Therefore unlocking them will let you earn, unlock and complete the level to gain more money and special items. Another main highlight of the game is its mission resume feature that is useful if in case the game stops due to technical issues or crashing of the app.

Bleach Brave Souls Cheats

Each gameplay has certain kind of cheat codes that help the player conquer the top position in the game. The various cheat codes are-

MOD V1 (Singleplayer + Co-Op MOD):

  1. God-Mode (Enemies have 1 atk)
  2. Unlimited Soul Bombs (even if empty can be used)
  3. Instant Kill (Enemies have 1HP)
  4. No Skill Cooldown
  5. Co-Op Speed x4

MOD v2: (Only Singleplayer):

  1. God-Mode (Enemies have 1 atk)2. Unlimited Soul Bombs
  2. Instant Kill (Enemies have 1HP)
  3. No Skill Cooldown

Download Bleach Brave Souls Mod Apk

Bleach Brave Souls game can be played by directly downloading it from the link on the official website. You can also play this fun game by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Andropalace is another site that gives you access to download Bleach Brave Souls Mod. It lets you play all the Android games by directly downloading it to your device.

Begin playing this awesome game with interesting twists and turn.  Download Bleach Brave Souls Mod apk file and install on your Android device. Since the downloading takes place through third party apps so to install it follow the given steps-

Step 1- To install Bleach Brave Souls apk version, enable the unknown resources option in Settings menu of the Android phone. Click on Settings, go to Security and enable Unknown resources by ticking the check box against it.

Step 2- Now in next step install the apk file of the game on your device.

Step 3- Wait for the installation to get completed.

Step 4- After the installation process ends, you are all ready to play Bleach Brave Souls.

The game includes impressive visual graphics and smooth playing effects. Thus the game is incredibly exciting to play. Play this hack and slash adventure game as it keeps you busy with its breathtaking level ups and gameplay.

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