18 Best YouTube Channels to learn Photoshop

It is very troublesome when you search for good and easy Photoshop tutorials but can’t find them. Many a times you may have found a tutorial help but are not able to understand what the tutor is trying is trying to teach.
This happened to me also many times. This not only results in waste of time but at the end of the day you realize that you did nothing and learned nothing.
But what if I tell you that you can get rid of these problems and save your time and progress in learning:
The best way to do this is to find one ideal tutor who teaches on your topic and you yourself also understand the tutor’s methodology of teaching. This makes learning fast and also saves your time.
18 Best YouTube Channels to learn Photoshop
Today I am presenting you a list of 18 Best YouTube channels to learn Photoshop. But remember, the above technique which I gave you works on any field. So if you are bored with Photoshop and want to learn something much more fascinating and challenging, then my dear friends you landed in the right place and the right time.
The list does not includes amazing Photoshop Tutorials. It includes some best YouTube Channels for Photoshop Learning.
Some of the Channels are very famous and you must have heard of them but some others are not so famous but what they teach is totally mind blowing.
I picked these channels on the basis of their Channel subscribers and what type of tutorials they provide. So you not only are getting the list of Best YouTube channels to learn Photoshop, but also YouTube channels on the basis of what you want to learn.
The list provides channels tutoring about manipulations, effects, editing, beginner tutorials and photography techniques using Photoshop. So this is the ultimate list of YouTube channels to make you a Photoshop professional. So let’s hit it.

18 Best YouTube Channels to learn Photoshop

1 – Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials | Link

Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials provides you best photography and Photoshop tutorials. You can check out their tutorials. Their tutorials vary from different difficulties. Some are very easy, others are hard and some of them are challenging which is very good for a learner. Taking challenges is very helpful whatever work it is. More details about the channel is given below.

2 – Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky | Link

Howard Pinsky provides amazing tutorials on his YouTube channel.  This channel provides you tutorials on various subjects such as photo composition, text effects, basics of Photoshop, designing and many others. The tutorials are worth watching and if you are a beginner then this is the right place to start.

3 – Adobe Photoshop | Link

The official Adobe Photoshop YouTube channels provides all kinds of Photoshop tutorials from beginners to professionals. If nothing suits you best, then why not try the official channels from the software creators itself.

4 – Tuts+ Design | Link

This is my favorite because tuts+ offers tutorials for everything and their Photoshop tutorials are also worth watching.

5 – Gavin Hoey | Link

Gavin Hoey also provides some cool Photoshop tutorials on photography and various other things related to it.

6 – Blue Lightning TV | Link

Blue Lightning TV has got some mind blowing tutorials for those who play with images and text. Its worth checking out.

7 – Ch-Ch-Check It | Link

You can check some tutorials for Photoshop of Ch-Ch-Check It.

8 – Andrei Oprinca | Link

This channel uploads tutorials which are easy to learn. The tutorials are in both English and Spanish.

9 – Photoshop Tutorials | Link

This channel has got some amazing Photoshop tutorials from beginners to advanced.Google+

10 – BakaArts | Link

BakaArts has made learning digital arts much easier. They got some mind blowing Photoshop manipulations tutorials. You guys must check him out.

11 – FlewDesigns – Digital Artist | Link

I am always out of words when I watch FlewDesigns tutorials. They made digital arts and photo manipulation so easy and amazing. If you are really crazy to learn Photoshop manipulations, then you must watch FlewDesigns tutorials.

12 – Justthisgood | Link

They also have some good tutorials which you can try.

13 – Photoshop Video Tutorials | Link

This channel provides different Photoshop tutorials for different difficulties. You can get photo retouching, text effects and other such tutorials here.

14 – Arun Kumar | Link

Arun Kumar provides excellent digital arts and photography tutorials. You must checkout because there are many tutorials out there in his channel which should not miss.

15 – Photoshop Tutorials.eu | Link

Photoshop Tutorials.eu provides tutorials from beginners to manipulations, text effects, photo composition and many such other things.

16 – jxtutorials | Link

Jxtutorials have amazing text effects and Photoshop manipulations tutorials. Try some of them and then you will love their tutorials.

17 – Click3d | Link

Click3d aims to provide stunning text effects tutorials. If you are having difficulties with typography then try their tutorials.

18 – SRT Photoshop Tutorials | Link

Last but not the least. SRT Photoshop Tutorials have got greatly efficient and easy to learn tutorials. You can watch their tutorials and speed up your progress in Photoshop.Facebook
So these were the best YouTube channels to learn Photoshop according to me. Many of you may think that why I have added some channels with very less subscribers and tutorials. But the tutorials they have added are mind blowing.
If you are checking for channels for Photoshop tutorials, don’t even miss out one because each of the YouTube channel mentioned here are worth watching.
And if have missed any amazing channel then please share here with us in the comments. It will be helpful to not only us but also others who are in search for it. Do not forget to share because sharing is sexy.

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