Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends & Family

Looking for some of the Best WhatsApp group Names?? Well, this post has many. Keep reading as we included every possible group name Idea that we could.

Most often we get messed up while choosing a good name for our WhatsApp groups and we end up making names which are hell far away from being cool or funny or interesting. For instance, “friends forever” or “sister & brother”. These name might have great meaning, obviously, they do have, like “friends forever” means, we will be together for life, for ever, till eternity. But unfortunately, who cares if they have a meaning. I mean most people are like “we are obviously ‘friends forever’ but I want a cool or funny name for my group”. Which is not probably wrong, everyone wishes to look cool in front of their friends and family members.


Out of desperation, we start googling things up. Many sites do provide you different types of names for your WhatsApp groups but not all of them are cool and funny and sometimes they are even worse from what we thought, like worse than “friends forever” and “sister & brother”

But, not to worry! You have landed on the right site now, “GraphicTunnel” brings you “200 best WhatsApp group names” and believe me, each of them is enough cool and funny to leave a very good impression in front of your family and friends.

Best WhatsApp Group Names

Now, moving on to our main dilemma “200 best WhatsApp group names”. Here, in this blog, we will be mentioning 200 group names under different sub-categories. So that you don’t have to go without a smile and without pride in yourself for being cool.

Cool WhatsApp group names for “friends”

We have hundred of friends from different places like college, school, neighbors, colony, friends of friends, Facebook friends, off-boarder friends, much more and we cannot just go with a simple group name for each of them. So, here are some of the best names you can set for your WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp Group Names For school/college friends

Mostly, we are surrounded with our school friends or college friends and we often create group to be in touch, or to have important information, notes etc, or sometimes just for fun. We mentioned some interesting names for your school/college friends group.

  1. The bunkers😎
  2. Gang of whatssapur☻
  3. Boundary passers😧
  4. The Musketeers👻
  5. Partners in bunking👬
  6. Unknown👎
  7. We hate physics😷
  8. Studies!?? Nah! Let’s party🍹
  9.  “we passed with 33%”🍾
  10.  Let’s waste times.🤓
  11. Repeating 10th, 10th time!😂
  12. Good for “nothing”🤔
  13. Pirates of Caribbean😎
  14. Let’s talk and regret it🤓
  15. Let’s be mental together💀
  16. You are mental, though👺
  17. Topper not allowed🎃
  18. Above 50%, leave!✈
  19. When are we going “goa”.🛳
  20. Be my guest🍺

Group Names for Neighbour/colony friends

Neighbours are someone, we grow with. I mean from the childhood to your teenage age and god knows maybe till eternity. And it’s fair enough to be in touch with them, so here some group names which might make them deel special in a dunny way. Have a look!

  1. Don’t text, you are next door👻
  2. Let’s waste time together👬
  3. You suck, neighbours😂
  4. Your house is mine😎
  5. Lets play in your house😂
  6. Can you change your colonies!😲
  7. I have idiots as neighbours😷
  8. Neighbours suck!😂
  9. Anybody up for football⚽
  10. Lets cry together😭

Group Names for Friends Living Away from you

We all have some special off-border friends, like they are faraway from us. Only means of talking is social media. So, here are few group names for them, to make them feel special.

  1. Miss you, ditchers!
  2. We, happy without you!😣
  3. Visit or v are no friends😥
  4. Colours💙💚💛💜
  5. 😭😭 miss you! losers!!
  6. Lets meet!
  7. Lets Skype😂
  8. Milkar goa chale!!😂
  9. Dear ones
  10. World of friends

Hindi names for WhatsApp friends group


  1. Goa kab chal rahe hai😡
  2. Shero da group🦁
  3. Admin ko pheko bahar😂
  4. Padhai karlo abhi bhi mauka hai
  5. Group studies!😂
  6. Goa chale😲😲
  7. Kadvi ninda 😂
  8. Teacher! School chorro😎
  9. What if school catches fire🤔
  10. Chalo burai karte hai😂
  11. Nah padhenge, nah padhne denge
  12. Pics dedo bhai log👹
  13. Suggest cute girl/boy or leave!💑
  14. Movie chale!?
  15. Hangover dudes🍻
  16. We rock, because we are sexy💋
  17. Ek sath fail honge
  18. Chor bazaar
  19. School band karwao
  20. Bhai, bhai!!👬

For true friends, Hindi and English mix group Names

  1. Partners in crime👥
  2. Bhai hai tu apna
  3. Business dalenge apn toh
  4. Fantastic many
  5. I’m the hulk💪
  6. Nadaan hai hum😇
  7. Nahana kab hai🛁
  8. “P” se padhai? Nah! Party😎
  9. Hangover buddies🍻
  10. Explosives💣
  11. Khachre ka dabba
  12. You like my dp, I’ll like yours
  13. Bhai ke liye kuch bhi
  14. Movie chale
  15. Goa chale😤
  16. We are singles😒
  17. Friend-zoned🤐
  18. Bandar jaisi shakal valo🐵🐒
  19. Keep typing…
  20. No use of this group!

Girly WhatsApp Group names

Every WhatsApp account has one or more girls group and you can’t go with boring title! Now, can we. So, here is a list of funny, girly WhatsApp group name, have a look

For 3 best friends – Group Names for Besties

These WhatsApp group names are for those 3 girls best friends who always, vow to live together.


  1. We three rock
  2. Till death we apart
  3. We love each other❤
  4. Bffs🖖
  5. Lets do bitching!😂
  6. Yeh dosti hum nhi todenge
  7. My favorites👌
  8. My girls👭
  9. Dear one
  10. Idk, I just love you
  11. We are beautiful together👰
  12. Shopping!? Oh! Yeah! Baby👛
  13. Sisters from diff. Mothers
  14. We are sexy💋
  16. Beauties
  17. Flowers from diff. Garden🌹
  18. Party!? We are so on!!🍻
  19. Girls time👭
  20. Gossip, till you are satisfied

Hot WhatsApp Group Names

This one is for girls squad. Do whatever type of talks you want, either gossip or bitching, or talk about shopping. We are full of WhatsApp group names

  1. Cuts devils
  2. Whatever, we rock!
  3. The Queen Bees
  4. Gossip butterflies
  5. Reason for you to smile
  6. We, singles
  7. Beauties with brains
  8. Be bold babies
  9. Richie riches
  10. Power Puff Girls
  11. Goa chale
  12. Selfies queens
  13. Boys will be boys
  14. Committed babes
  15. How you doin’!?
  16. Tea time, girls
  17. Beauties rock
  18. You people are my lobster
  19. Lets bitch together
  20. Hang in, singles!

WhatsApp Group Names for Family

Family! Oh there are like so many groups with family members. One for cousins, another for in-laws, one for elders and much more! And it is actually frustrating to decide so many games for the family. No worries! We have brought you exclusive, funny, families group names, stay tuned

Group Names For cousins

Cousins are part of life. No where on earth can you be away from them and despite the fact that you cannot see each other daily, you atleast have WhatsApp cool group name. So make them feel special by making cool group with cool names

  1. We are close
  2. Royal blood
  3. We rock together
  4. Kab mil rahe hai
  5. Cousins rock
  6. We are hot together
  7. Shine together
  8. Goa kab chal rahe hai
  9. Who is getting married
  10. We single cousins
  11. Family rocks
  12. Partner in crime
  13. Suggest a cute boy/girl
  14. Talk nonsense, or get out
  15. Let’s meet
  16. Our family rocks
  17. Bunch of cute cousins
  18. We are royal
  19. royalty buzz
  20. Rock and roll

Best, Unique WhatsApp Group Names for family

Tell your family, including everyone:- mom, dad, grandparents, uncle & aunt that they are love! By making these group with sweet names!

  1. Royal Family
  2. Families, like us are rare
  3. We are rare breeds
  4. Lets go outing
  5. xYz family
  6. We rock
  7. Hum ek sath
  8. We are brand new
  9. Family gang
  10. Fantastic many
  11. Superbos
  12. Khushi parivaar
  13. Strong bonds
  14. Tie bond
  15. Unreasonably good
  16. Will never broke
  17. Vow:- we are one
  18. We are mad together
  19. Happy us!!
  20. Kahani ghar ghar ki

New, Latest, Awesome, Cool WhatsApp group names for everyone

These are some WhatsApp group names you can use randomly for any group, no specifics! If you like them, pick them and be cool in front of your family and friends

  1. All you need to do is Talk, Talk and talk.
  2. Rock stars
  3. Rock & Roll
  4. Wandering Minds
  5. Friends Forever
  6. Bachelor’s Party
  7. Smile Please
  8. The Awakening
  9. No Porn
  10. Gangs Of WhatsAppur
  11. Non Veg Friends
  12. Let’s utilize precious time
  13. Dil Dosti etc.
  14. The Invincible
  15. Smartness overloaded
  16. Kingdom
  17. Chor Bazaar
  18. The insomniacs
  19. The Herd
  20. Fabulous five

Here are some more group name ideas that you can set on your group.

  1. The Jumping Jacks
  2. Only singles
  3. Chatter Box
  4. Life for friends
  5. Nadaan Parindey
  6. Silent killers
  7. The Desert Roses
  8. Colonial Cousins
  9. Cousin Love
  10. Dear ones
  11. Near ones
  12. Just chat
  13. Weekend kings
  14. Across Borders
  15. Happiness all around
  16. World of cousins
  17. People I love
  18. Lovies
  19. Let’s take a selfie
  20. goa kab chal rahe hai

So, here we are closing the article of 200+ WhatsApp group names. We have included funny, interesting, loving and every sought of name. If you liked them, let us know with your comment and reaction.

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