15 Best No WiFi Games for Android in 2018

Looking for No Wifi Games?? Or are you searching for games without wifi?? Well, if your answer is yes, then this post is a perfect place for you. You can find the list of Best Free No Wifi Games of 2018 in this article. All these free Offline games are for Android and we will be soon coming up with a similar list of free offline games for Apple iPhone.

Android games have been tip notch trend among the smartphone users. Be it clash of clans, mini militia or any other game. Youth spends most of it’s time playing fun games on their phones. But then there is a problem if you have no data plan or no WiFi. Most of the games require a good internet connection.

We all know how tedious it is to have an Internet connection, not everyone has the luxury of affording a Data plan. Even if you have a data plan, we know that it is to be used in more important matters. So here we bring you Free and Best No Wifi Games for Android. 

So without taking much more time below is the list of 15 best games which require NO WIFI. That means you can have an amazing gaming experience without having an internet connection or wifi.


15 Free No Wifi Games

Let’s now check out all free no wifi games for 2018. You can download these games from the playstore links given below.


Bored with playing racing games of bikes and cars? This game is something unique!

The Red Bull Air race 2 entertains you in the most amazing way! As described in the name itself, this game features racing of Aeroplanes.

Red Bull Air Race 2 features 400+ races as well as numerous events that players can compete in.

Download link: Red Bull Air Race 2

14. Flow Free


I am pretty sure that you already have heard about this game. This game is completely offline and dosen’t requires WiFi!

Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. In this game you need to connect point of different colors in such a way that you fill up all the grid’s present in the puzzle!

The game is simple yet addictive.

Download link : Flow Free


Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory?

So if you are interested in fighting games, you really need to check this game out.

Download link : Shadow fight 2


Stack is probably the simplest yet most fascinating game for mobile users. This game requires no WiFi at all and is completely offline.

The app size is small and the game has high ratings! Infact this game was voted as best offline game by many users!

There is only one task: STACK UP AS HIGH AS YOU CAN!

Download link: STACK


This is the version 2.0 of the classic stick cricket!

The rules are short and simple. Hit Runs or get out! The new version features new amazing things such as launching your own career, equipping yourself with different gears. In fact there are 90 different levels in this game!!

Fun fact:  This game featured in Best Of 2015 games on Google Play!

Download link: Stick cricket 2


Want to engage yourself in something tricky? Well this game is for you!

Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as possible. Game Features an Endless gameplay and Simple swipe control. This is another game without wifi and can easily become your favourite passtime activity.

Download Link: Snake vs Block



On number 9 we have something even more interesting.

The rules are pretty simple-

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.
This is a Fully offline game and feature many different levels.

With over 180 million downloads this game is supposed to be probably most addictive game on play store!



This game even more interesting!

On number 8, we have something which will amaze everyone! Want an endless game? Here it is

Enter a mesmerising trance of co-dependence in Duet. The rules are simple: control two vessels in sync, survive against all odds and keep calm.

This game helps to control your nerves in critical situations!

Based on an ancient Chinese practice Duet features many different levels even when you have no WiFi or Internet connection!

download link: Duet


Number 7 features something really classical. This app features over 100,000 different Sudoku puzzles in unique style.

The rules are just simple as a normal Sudoku , but offers great mind sharping skills! So if you want to jump into classics of brain teasing, jump straight to this app.

So If you are traveling somewhere and you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or Internet, you can easily boggle your mind by playing sudoku.

download link: Sudoku

6. Fruit Ninja

Oh surprised? Well, this game really needed to be in the list. Recently completing its 6 years anniversary, the game still offers the same joy as it delivered that time.

Swipe your screen to cut fruit, but don’t hit bombs – that’s how easy it is to play Fruit Ninja. The game requires no internet and can be played in 3 different modes. The rules are very simple and provide you situation when you don’t have anything to do!


Download link: Fruit Ninja

5. 2048

Jumping into our top 5 we have the classical 2048.

Like every other game mentioned, even this game doesn’t require any wife or internet!

You can play this game endlessly long! So if you don’t have Wi-Fi and lot of free time, this game is perfect for you!

The classic 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a very simple number puzzle game.

This is a super 2048 puzzle, it comes in new variants too. So you have 5*5 , 6*6, and the grand 8*8 puzzle of 2048 too! Try them out until you reach to 2048!

Download link:2048


We have Spearman Game in this list of Top No WiFi Games.

This game is unique in many ways, this features an amazing talent used in the ancient time. The rules are quite simple, you just need to kill the other person with your spear! Although this requires lot of brain teaing too!! So what are you waiting for? Download the game and clear the twisting levels.

Download Link: The SPEARMAN


Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain!

Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They’re not as easy as they look. Care to give one a try?

The game requires no Wi-Fi and features more than 100 levels. These levels require a lot of brain-teasing activities, you have to build shapes to complete your task in a given amount of time! Each level can you give you a maximum of 3 stars which can be used on later to unlock new exciting and interesting levels of the game!

Download Link:BRAIN IT ON!

2.Subway surfers

Oh and on number 2 we have the classic SUBWAY SURFERS! How can we forget the memories linked to this amazing and fantastic game. With close to 25 Million downloads, this game is still in top charts of offline games players.

Subay surfers also has the maximum amount of player worldwide. This game requires no internet connection and can be played anytime anywhere, so even you have no wife, you can easily spend your time playing this game.

Download link: Subway surfers


And on number 1, *drumrolls*, we have the new addictive game for you on the list of NO WIFI GAMES! named as YELLOW.
This game is simple but unique in many ways. With around 4.8 rating, this is probably the highest rated offline game on play store.

Yellow, is a puzzle game for you! Yellow features exactly 50 levels and each of it has its own logic. This game is completely offline and requires no WiFi.

Download link: YELLOW

So this was the list of the 15 Best Offline games without WiFi. So if you are traveling somewhere or don’t have access to proper internet connection, don’t be sad and just click on any of these games which will be a good utilizing activities for you!

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