52 of the Best Hip-Hop And Rap Logos Ever Designed

From 50 Cent to Fetty Wap, the hip-hop and rap music has changed over time. We’ve seen great artists come and go and we’ll see more great artists coming in future.

The best way to remember a rap or hip-hop artist is from their logo. Logos are the foundation of a brand whether it’s an individual or a group.

With changes in rap and hip-hop music, we’ve also seen a change in the logos of these artists. Last week I was searching around for some logos and thought of making a list of the best hip-hop and rap logos.

I collected over 50 best logos for rap and hip-hop that will inspire you and fuel your creativity. These logos can inspire you for your next project.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this mind-blowing collection of the 52 best hip-hop and rap logos ever designed.

The Ultimate Collection Of The Best Rap And Hip-Hop Logos Of All Time

1. Calibre .13

Calibre .13

2. Hip Hop – One Love!

Hip Hop – One Love!

3. Stand Crazy

Stand Crazy

4. Kosta logotype

Kosta logotype

5. Dropping Science

Dropping Science

6. Sabotage


7. Omerta


8. BaejaVu EP

BaejaVu EP

9. Logo Urbano Festival

Logo Urbano Festival

10. Rapriot


11. Mr. Bugsly – Hip-Hop Logo

Mr Bugsly – Hip-Hop Logo

12. Brand Leopac

Brand Leopac

13. Verse 42

Verse 42

14. The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People

15. Hi-Tone


16. Logo Chillоut Clothes, hip-hop brand

Logo Chillоut Clothes, hip-hop brand

17. Vivace

Vivace 18.Hip Hop Logo by Andru Gavrish

Hip Hop Logo by Andru Gavrish

19. Zazu Rock

Zazu Rock

20. Grandbeatz


21. Astro Jam

Astro Jam

22. Rap Genius

Rap Genius

23. B-Sounds


24. ROZE


25. Funktastics




27. Grandbeatz


28. Hip Hopper

Hip Hopper

29. Волнорез


30. Ken Ring & Tommy Tee

Ken Ring & Tommy Tee

31. Hip Hop logo

Hip Hop logo

32. Funkdation Crew

Funkdation Crew

33. Boom! Hip-hop And Rap Logo

Boom! Hip-hop And Rap Logo

34. Skull in Cap

Skull in Cap

35. City Rap Vechta

City Rap Vechta

36. MайSky Jam

 MайSky Jam

37. Lamont Logo

Lamont Logo

38. A.D


39. Compagnie Nomade

Compagnie Nomade

40. Hip-Hop Yoga Logo

Hip-Hop Yoga Logo

41. B4 Hip-hop

B4 Hip hop

42. Mater Dei High School Hip-Hop Logo

Mater Dei High School Hip-Hop Logo

43. Hip Hop Nation

Hip Hop Nation

44. old man – old school =)

Hip-Hop and rap logo

45. Real Talk

Real Talk

46. Hip-Hop Theory

Hip-Hop Theory

47. Urban All Day Logo

Urban All Day Logo

48. Hip Hop Record Label

Hip Hop Record Label Logo

49. СГУ


50. Kendrick

Kendrick Hip-Hop Logo

51. F.Stokes


52. Lecrae



So did you liked these logos? I am sure they inspired you. If you really liked this list of awesome logos, do share it with others.

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