7 Hottest Design Tools To Try In 2017

Amongst the collection of design tools that designers can’t do without, we have brought the best 7 tools that every designer must try to give their imagination a beautiful and intuitive face. While some of them are Photoshop based, some graphic designing software are also being made aware of in the article, as they provide the users with smooth workflow and indefinite unique features. According to a recent survey of design tools, it has been formulated that Photoshop is losing its importance as other tools are brewing up in the field of designing. And the designers are open to these new tools as they are easy to use in conceptualizing process, prototyping and wireframing. These tools are very much used by students of engineering colleges in Hyderabad and around the world.

7 Hottest Design Tools To Try In 2016


One of the fastest way to design innovative interactions, Atomic is the best options as it is a handy tool which can be used for designing interactive prototypes and then view it on any device. Through this tool one can work up on a blank canvas and also pull some designs from sketch or Photoshop. Also the prototype is free of any coding and one can instantly animate between the states laid down. The tool also allows you to share your prototype via any URL. A streamlined workflow


Ceros is a very powerful and interactive creation software which is available to the marketers and designers. While the software if a bit self-serving, it prevents the user from custom coding and agency contracts. It allows you to create some interactive infographics, engaging e-books, magazines and microsites, banners and more. Leading brands like Red Bull, Oracle, Bloomberg to name some who are using Ceros to delight the existing customers and turn new clients with their interactive stories.


ProtoSketch is a vector graphic design software tool which is most compatible with iPad, though it requires iOS 7 or even later for its working. Some of the features possessed by the software are like the pencil tool, pen toll for sketching, drawing and making vector paths enabling you to form logo or websites. From vector scissors, eraser, to masking of images ProtoSketch has more than 20 commands like Alt, Shift, repeat as shortcuts on the keyboard of the hardware. With the help of styling you can also blend modes, use strokes, fill and gradient to give your design life.


Fuse an UX tool which is a complete suite for designers and developers of applications. One of the key feature of this tool is that it provides rapid creation of apps, beautifully animated by following a smooth workflow. One can even make changes in real time from any of your devices, i.e., it can work on a multiple devices simultaneously. OS X and Windows users can use it currently as it is available for it.


For all the photographers, Picktorial is the most promising photo editing software, with smooth and intuitive workflow and technology to organize and enhance the photos. With more than 20 ultimate features, Picktorial allows you to erase the distracting objects from your pics, gives you control over light and colors, and also allows you to eliminate blemishes and sharpen the features of your photograph with retouching brushes.


Figma is a cloud based software that allows you to design the product inside it. The core of the software is browser based Photoshop and concentrates mainly on interactive design and not on every other creative output. It allows the users to review, modify, and comment in real time on the designs created. It is a collaborative design software with several unique features for the designers.


UxPin is an UX design application that is used as a wireframing tools to create responsive prototypes by designers all around the globe. It provides the user with a tool kit with some mutual design elements with an updated library of UI elements. From image cropper and editor to text editor, and from advanced grids and guides to background editor the user can also share their project designs with customers and stakeholders.

Get along with today’s world, and leave Photoshop behind by undertaking these ultimate design tools for your design projects. All these tools are very promising and can be trusted on for your projects. 


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