13 Best bbPress Plugins to Enhance your Forums

bbPress is a forum software developed by Automattic, the same company who created WordPress. Not only does bbPress offers a wide range of plugins to choose from, but also it incorporates conveniently with any WordPress website. It makes managing forums easy and convenient. Best of all, bbPress is absolutely free to use, which makes integrating it to a site much less of a pain.


In this article, we are going to show the top 12 best bbPress plugins to help you easily add a forum to your site.

  1. WP Symposium Pro Social Network Plugin

WP Symposium Pro Social Network Plugin is an excellent social network plugin that allows you to create a social network on your website. You get to have profiles, email notifications, friends, unlimited forums and much more. WP Symposium Pro is a highly customizable plugin and enables you to change anything from text to layout of the plugin. It is also compatible with multilingual sites and works well with WPML plugin.

 WP Symposium Pro Social Network Plugin

  1. WP User Avatar

WP User Avatar, as the name suggests, allows the admin to upload a default avatar. Rather than using a gravatar, you can also use a local avatar. Allow your subscribers and contributors to upload their own avatars while limiting the image dimensions and file size. WP User Avatar is compatible with all the themes available online.

WP User Avatar

  1. GD bbPress Attachments

GD bbPress Attachments enables your contributors, visitors, and subscribers to add attachments to comments and topics. It comes with a plugin setting panels that allow you to change the size of the file, put a limit on the number of files that can be attached and much more. The images attached can be displayed as thumbnails. It also displays errors to authors and administrator in case of any failure.

 GD bbPress Attachments

  1. Report Content

There are times when your users and visitors may have to face spam or inappropriate content on your website. This inappropriate content not only navigates your visitors away from your site but also degrades your website ranking. However, integrating Report Content Plugin can solve the problem once and for all. It allows your registered users to report any inappropriate content they may have come across on your website. However, only staff and moderators are allowed to take action against the reported content.

Report Content

5. bbPress New Topics

bbPress New Topics is indeed a simple plugin that marks unread topics as new. This is a useful plugin for staff and authors who need to know which topics are new. In addition, it plays an important role in SEO since new topics that are not optimized can be optimized easily.

bbPress New Topics

  1. Orbisius bbPress Signature

Orbisius bbPress Signature allows users to add their signature below their posts. The main reason behind developing this plugin is the inability of the basic version of bbPress to let the users add their signatures. Orbisius bbPress Signature plugin overcomes this problem and automatically insert a signature into their threads, posts, and comments. The plugin provides a signature box that is shown under user’s profile page as well as a separate menu.

Orbisius bbPress Signature

  1. bbPress Topics for Posts

bbPress Topics for Posts comes very handy to create a new thread on your forum for every new post published on your blog. Though it is completely optional whether to create a new thread or not, it does make sense to do so to make discussion easier for your users. This way new visitors can also jump in the discussion if they feel so. The plugin also allows you to add an existing list of forum discussion at the end of the post. BbPress Topics for Posts is a great plugin to improve the discussion area while offering the ability for new users to join the discussion.

  1. bbPress Live Topic Suggestions

bbPress Live Topic Suggestions enable you to encourage registered users to join the existing discussion rather than creating their own new threads. This plugin helps you suggests live topics to your users when they attempt to create a new thread/topic. This way you can limit the number of new topics created on your website forum.

bbPress Live Topic Suggestions

  1. bbPress reCaptcha

Receive a lot of comment spam? Well, bbPress reCaptcha is here to rescue you. This plugin adds a captcha field to your threads and keeps comment spam at bay. bbPress reCaptcha is one of the most useful and important plugins offered by bbPress since comment spam can not only take your website ranking down but also offer an entry point to numerous hackers.

bbPress reCaptcha

  1. bbPress Search Widget

bbPress basic version does come with a built-in search ability; however, bbPress Search Widget upgrades the basic version of bbPress and enables your visitors to easily find threads on your forum. bbPress Search Widget is a great way to hand over your visitors a quick and effective alternative to scan discussions on your site. BbPress Search Widget is a free plugin, which means you don’t have to pay even a penny to install and use it.

  1. bbPress WP Tweaks

bbPress WP Tweaks is yet another amazing plugin offered by bbPress to enhance the functionality of your forum. A new sidebar is displayed alongside the post whenever a visitor checks out a thread.  You can add a list of useful widgets to this sidebar such as user activity, replies, topics, search widget and much more. It also allows you to add login links widget and default wrapper for forum specific pages. However, by default bbPress doesn’t display login links to users.

  1. bbPress Admin Bar Addition

bbPress Admin Bar Addition plugin enhances the basic functionality of your bbPress admin area. You can add tons of bbPress 2.0 relevant resources to your admin bar. BbPress Admin Bar Addition makes the life of moderators and administrators more convenient.

bbPress Admin Bar Addition

  1. GD bbPress ToolBox

GD bbPress Toolbox contains a wide range of bbPress tools that make managing and maintaining your forum website a lot easier. GD bbPress Toolbox is a great way to enhance the functionality of your discussions for your visitors. It is a collection of tools including locking replies and topics, user stats, email notifications, advanced options for quotes handling on discussions and much more.

GD bbPress ToolBox

With a large number of plugins available on bbPress official website, we have tried our best to list only the important ones out of them to help you save your time and efforts.

14. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is one of the best lead generation WordPress plugin. This plugin is famous for awesome conversion rate on your business website. With this plugin, you can probe your viewer to stay a little longer to your website and then can easily convert the leaving viewer into a potential lead which can be either used as a potential buyer or a subscriber to your blog.

Optinmonster best part is that it comes with an exit intent technology which tracks the coordinates of your mouse’s pointer. Whenever you are leaving the website browsing area it will show you a pop up to leave your email Id for future references. Rest depends on how you use it.

15. WP Forms

If you own a business, then it is your primary duty to allow your customers to contact you. WP Form is the best WordPress plugin for that. This robust drag and drop WordPress form builder allow you to create striking contact forms, email subscription form, payment forms and all other types of forms. With such versatility, WP Forms are one of the must-have WordPress plugins for your business website.

16. Sucuri

When it comes to WordPress security, there is none better than Sucuri. In the year 2017, Sucuri is the most sought WordPress Security plugin by all type of WordPress website owner.

2017 is unfortunately known for many Global level hacking incidents such as the famous Ransomware attack. This increases the security awareness among the website owners. Sucuri is known for its robust and alerted high-level security to make sure that nobody malicious enters your Website’s database or other important files.

17. MaxCDN

Content Delivery Network is the most prominent topic that had been discussed throughout the year 2017. This is where MaxCDN come and play an important role. Everyone wants a fast loading WordPress website. MaxCDN is the WordPress plugin that will help your website to effectively reach out your global audience that spread to all across the globe. It sends a cached file of all the static elements of your website that makes it easy for the server to load the static elements quickly and effectively reduces the loading time.


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