8 Best Apps like Showbox for Android and iOS 2018

Are you looking for Apps Like Showbox? Is Showbox not providing you the quality you expect? Do you want to try some of Top Showbox Alternatives that are free to use??

If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the perfect page.

Movies, TV Shows, Web-series are a perfect source of entertainment for the youth of this generation. No matter how much views of anyone differ, one thing that all of us have a common interest in, is Movies and TV shows. Of course, everyone has different genres of interest but we all feel quite relaxed and entertained after watching few episodes of our favorite series!


Best Showbox Alternatives

We know that you may not like reading the entire article, so, here is just the list of all 8 Showbox alternative apps that we have mentioned in the article.

  1. Crackle
  2. Movie Box
  3. Hubi
  4. Megabox HD
  5. Hulu
  6. Duckie
  7. Flipps
  8. Viewster

Top 10 Apps Like Showbox

Showbox is one of the applications which eases our experience of watching the movies! So now you can watch your favorite series comfortably in your home free of cost! But with a large number of users Showbox’s server goes down every now and then! So if you can’t have Showbox on your device, no need to worry! We have brought an amazing list of apps like Showbox compatible with Android and iOS which will work same as SHOWBOX!!


Crackle is a really amazing alternative to Showbox! Just as Showbox, Crackle feature about every movie and TV series. With around 30 million active users, crackle never has problems like server maintenance or crashing.

Crackle is really user-friendly as it has a feature like “watch-later” just as YouTube.

Crackle is compatible with every iOS and Android device.

Link: Crackle

Movie Box

One of the Best Apps like showbox is Moviebox.

Not only the name but also the app is just a clone of Showbox. This application’s interface is almost like Showbox. It has just as many movies and TV shows like that of first one.

One of the next feature about movie-box is that it’s user interface is really simple.

With the latest update, Application compatible with all kind of Android and iOS devices.


For me, Hubi is the best alternative to Showbox. The best thing about Hubi is that it doesn’t require any flash player to stream movies.

Hubi has a different look than most of the similar kind of applications but that doesn’t affect the user interface of the application.

This was voted as one of the most popular movie streaming application last year.

The latest version is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to compromise with the print or any movie. With around 15 million users, this application lets you watch movies in High definition quality just as Showbox. I use Megabox personally and I find it better than Showbox for quality reasons. So if you have a good internet connection and have an interest in watching movies, do try it once.

MegaBox HD is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Download link: Megabox HD

Hulu – Best Showbox Alternative

Hulu is yet another amazing substitute for Showbox. The latest feature of Hulu come with a watchlist, which ensures that you don’t miss any of your favourite shows. Hulu has quite impressively managed to keep millions of followers still intact to the application.

Hulu is different from other similar apps as it features an amazing Chromecast option. So you can watch the movies on your TV in real time without any lag with Hulu.

Earlier Hulu was compatible with only iOS devices, but now Hulu is supported by the android devices too.

Download link: Hulu

Duckie TV

Duckie TV probably has the largest base collection of movies. With almost every movie in good print, the app also features many TV series in different languages. I have personally used duckie TV, and I really loved the interface of this application.

Duckie TV can be also used particularly for PC.

The latest version of duckie TV is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



Flipps is another interesting application with has a very interactive user interface. You can easily search your favorite movie or serial without facing any problem in HD quality. The application also tracks your watching content and suggest you the apt movies for you.

Like other apps, the latest version of Flipps is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Moving on to number one, we have, *drumrolls*, we have Viewster!! Viewster features many amazing things such as watch later option, playback option, etc. Viewster has the largest database of movies. Viewster is just like as Showbox. With around 4 star rating on playstore, Viewster has a positive response by the users. The only thing required is a good internet connection! Once you have it, you can just sit back and relax while watching your favorite movie or TV show.

The latest version is compatible with both iOS and Android devices!

Summing Up!

There is no doubt that Showbox is definitely the best app to stream movies online on your mobile phones but server of Showbox is not really reliable, so sometimes the movie gets stuck while streaming!

But don’t worry! These all 8 apps are just as Showbox! So just download any of these apps like showbox, and watch your favorite movie online anytime anywhere absolutely free of cost!

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