9 Mistakes Beginners Probably Make In Photoshop

Today we are here to discuss some mistakes that many beginners make in Adobe Photoshop. Usually today many people are fascinated with Photoshop and they try to learn it. But they don’t learn it in a proper way. They are just in a hurry to learn Photoshop. This is not helpful for the learner because in this way there are many things that are missed out. This leads to many bad consequences in future.
9 Mistakes Beginners Probably Make In Photoshop
So this article will guide through some mistakes many beginners make while using Photoshop. These mistakes should be avoided in future by beginners to learn and use Photoshop more professionally.

Learning Professional Tutorials without Any Basic Understanding

This is the most common mistake beginners are making these days. I have seen many designers who have very little or no knowledge of using Photoshop learning professional tutorials of Photo Manipulation and other arts. So let me point out something here. Without going through each and everything in Photoshop, you cannot become a successful designer. Many professionals also recommend to first understanding Photoshop, how it works, what tools are provided and then take the next step. Otherwise it will be a waste of time if you spend hours learning to design some professional design but not knowing the tools you used for making it. Go through some basic tutorials and keep on increasing your level step by step.

Neglecting Tools

Many Beginners don’t use tools in Photoshop. I don’t understand why. Tools are like your fingers in Photoshop. Tools can help us achieve anything in Photoshop. Always use tools in Photoshop. There are many tools in Photoshop that can help us in making selections, healing image, cropping image and many other functions. Tools make our work easier in Photoshop.

Avoiding Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts in Photoshop that can make our work much easier and fast. And not using them is one of the biggest mistakes you are ever making in Photoshop. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are very helpful when you are in hurry or when you are frustrated searching for different tools and functions. It is not necessary to learn all the shortcuts but at least you can try with the important keyboard shortcuts which are used frequently. You can find some helpful Photoshop keyboard shortcuts here.

Not Using Layers and Folders

Another big mistake that many people in Photoshop make is not using enough layers. Layers help us make complex projects much simple by grouping the objects into different folders or layers. Always use Layers and folders because it is necessary to organize your work in a proper way so that it becomes easier for you to edit the specific part in future.

Avoiding Grids

Grids are always useful for aligning different objects or text. This helps us making our project little messy. Always keep a habit of using grids and guides while using Photoshop. Grids are very important when you are designing a responsive template using Photoshop. So if you come across a project for designing a template, it will help you if you use grids from this day onwards.

Not Saving Work Regularly

What will happen to you if you are working for hours on a project and suddenly there’s a power cut? If you would have saved your work then there will be no problem. But if your work was not saved then you must be angry. So to avoid such cases always keep a habit of saving your work. Even if there is no power cut problems in your area, there may be chances that your hardware causes problems or a naughty kid plugs out your PC wire. Saving consistently is a good habit, no matter what work you are doing.

Too Much Retouching

Sometimes too much photo retouching can make your image a disaster. Avoid too much retouching of photo to avoid your image look real or crappy. You can find many articles by professionals teaching retouching techniques.

Overusing Actions and Filters

When a user is new using Photoshop, he/she discovers many amazing filters and actions. And they make a huge mistake of applying them all in their project. This is a widespread mistake of overusing filters and actions. This greatly affects your final result. Never use too much filters or actions that make your image look unreal. Always use filters or actions that will look good with your image.

Too Many Contrasts

Avoid adding too many contrasts which will result in losing details in the shadows.


So these were some of the basic mistakes beginners make in Photoshop. Most of the mistakes have not yet been covered in this article. I hope you will be reading the part 2 of this article. For now, if you are making the above mistakes then it is time to make a change. Start avoiding these mistakes and you will see good results. Also I will soon share some Cool Photoshop Tips and Tricks for beginners. Hope you will read that too because those tips and tricks will surely help you. If you have any questions regarding this article comment here or contact me. 

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