Become a CorelDraw Professional in Just 30 Days

With the vast use of Photoshop and Illustrator, we barely find anyone who uses CorelDraw as an alternative of the above two. The different features provided in Adobe design software’s makes them different from others. But still there are many people who want to learn and master CorelDraw.

The problem is that very few people are now interested to make tutorials and spread knowledge about CorelDraw. And to find something about CorelDraw, one needs to browse through different websites and waste an ample of time and then get what he/she wanted.

So In this post, I have compiled everything and I guarantee you that if you follow each and everything mentioned in this post, you will become a CorelDraw professional in just 30 days. This post contains each and everything about CorelDraw from different tips, tricks to amazing resources. It will help you learn everything easily and you need not search here and there to learn CorelDraw.

To start, let us first discuss about some great features of CorelDraw.

CorelDraw Cool Features

Here are some cool CorelDraw features which make it unique from others.

1 – CorelDraw provides some high-quality fonts, images, templates, clipart and fills which can be used very easily to create some amazing and great designs in no time.

2 – The newly designed interface allows users’ to work based on their skill level. It now allows users’ to set their own workspace just like Photoshop and work efficiently.

3 – The highly advanced tools provide a good control over what you are designing.

4 – The new features will help you to share your work to others and also get inspired by other designs and upvote them.

If you haven’t bought CorelDraw yet and want to learn and become a CorelDraw professional, then don’t worry. Get the latest CorelDraw from here.

Now you need to know how CorelDraw can help you.

Uses of CorelDraw

CorelDraw is very helpful in designing illustrations, logos, vectors, banners, signs etc. It is similar to Adobe Suite’s, Xara and Sketch Up. What makes CorelDraw different from others is that it has some features which are yet to be incorporated in other design suites. These are the best uses of CorelDraw:

1 – Logo Design

2 – Banner Design

3 – 3D Menu boards

4 – Digital Camera Work

5 – Print Setups

These were some uses of CorelDraw. You can use other designing software’s also but CorelDraw is something every designer should use.

Become a CorelDraw Professional

Now the next thing is that you need to understand how to use CorelDraw, understand its workspaces and understanding the tools. And as I said this post contains everything, we have all the top tutorials and resources compiled up to make you understand CorelDraw very easily. So let’s start.

I have listed the best CorelDraw tutorials here. You just need to watch/read those tutorials to complete this part.


Beginners: Understanding Corel Draw

1. Setting Up a page

2. Creating Pages

3. Floating Text Box

4. Entering Text

5. Arranging Objects

6. Inserting Images in CorelDraw

7. Rounding Corners of Square or Rectangle

8. Adjusting Properties of Text in CorelDraw

9. Using the eraser tool

10. Using Eyedropper tool

Now this was the list of the most basic tutorials. These tutorials are for those who have never used CorelDraw or don’t know how to use CorelDraw. Watch these tutorials and everything about using CorelDraw and making things in it will become very easy. You can skip various parts depending upon your design skills in CorelDraw.

The next step is to create something cool. Here is the list of some basic CorelDraw tutorials on creating something cool.

Amateurs: Amazing CorelDraw Tutorials

1. Techno Flyer Design in CorelDraw

Techno Flyer Design in CorelDraw

2. Creating Patterns in CorelDraw

Creating Patterns in CorelDraw

3. Creating a Mosaic Effect in CorelDraw

Creating a Mosaic Effect in CorelDraw

4. Creating Graphs in CorelDraw for Presentations

Creating Graphs in CorelDraw for Presentations

5. Create a Spider Web in CorelDraw

Create a Spider Web in CorelDraw

6. Create Bloody Blackberry logo in CorelDraw

Create Bloody Blackberry logo in CorelDraw

7. Business Card Design in CorelDraw

Business Card Design in CorelDraw

8. Create your own QR code with an embedded logo in CorelDraw

Create your own QR code with an embedded logo in CorelDraw

9. Create 3D Sparkling Boxes in CorelDraw

Create 3D Sparkling Boxes in CorelDraw

10. Create a Vector Clock in CorelDraw

Create a Vector Clock in CorelDraw

Well these tutorials are of medium difficulty and if you understand these tutorials, then you can move to the further section of advanced CorelDraw tutorials.

Advanced CorelDraw Tutorials

Before you try to learn anything in the below tutorials, I highly recommend you to first understand the basic concepts, work with the tools, complete the above amateur tutorials. This will help you understand these advanced tutorials much easily.

  1. Draw a Female Illustration in CorelDraw
  2. Draw a Cartoon in CorelDraw
  3. Create an amazing Typography Picture in CorelDraw
  4. Make Custom CD Cover in CorelDraw
  5. Create Liquid Text Effects in CorelDraw
  6. Create vivid video game Background in CorelDraw
  7. Create a Colorful brochure for print using CorelDraw
  8. Create Glossy test tube icon in CorelDraw
  9. Create a Surreal Poster in CorelDraw
  10. Create Infographics in CorelDraw

These were some advanced tutorials on CorelDraw. Still if you want to learn more about CorelDraw, we have some more good resources for you to completely master CorelDraw.

Best CorelDraw YouTube Channels

These three YouTube channels provide the best tutorials, tips and tricks about CorelDraw. It is a must that you watch their YouTube videos. They provide high quality tutorials for both beginner and advanced levels.

  1. CorelDraw Tips
  2. Free Corel Training
  3. Corel Draw Channel

These resources are enough for you to learn and master CorelDraw. But many people find difficulties learning different things from different places. So below are the best CorelDraw courses which you can buy and learn. The benefit of learning from this course is that the same person teaches you each and everything and it avoids confusion for many people.

Best CorelDraw Courses

You can also look at these CorelDraw courses. There are chances that you might find something new in them. Or if you have troubles by watching tutorials from different persons, then these courses are the best choice for you.

  1. CorelDraw Essential Training with Scott Georgeson
  2. Getting Started with CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 with Mark Swift
  3. Corel Draw X7 Graphic Designing From Scratch with Projects!

Over to You

So if you want to become a graphic designer and learn CorelDraw then make use of these resources. If you do it properly, I am sure you will learn CorelDraw in no time.

Did I miss something?

If you have some other resources which are useful and helped people then do share it here. Also leave your thoughts about the resources mentioned in the post and how they helped you. Also if this resource is helpful for you then share it to others and help them too!

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