Download AirDrop for Windows PC – Best Alternatives

AirDrop is one of the best parts about the Apple ecosystem. If you own an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook, you are probably familiar with the ease of use that AirDrop provides. Almost anything can be shared across devices if they are nearby and it’s also much more secure than Bluetooth. But what if you don’t belong in the Apple ecosystem? PC users can actually choose between a number of softwares to do the same thing.If you’re looking for alternative AirDrop for PC , especially if you’re migrating from the Apple experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Alternative AirDrop for PC

There are 6 apps that enable easy file transfers between devices. They are listed down below with no specific order.

1. Xender

This is an extremely popular app with over a 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Originally a an app meant to share files between only android devices Xender has had many updates and can now send files across platforms. That’s right, you can now share files over any WiFi enabled device.

The Xender mobile app has a clean and intuitive interface. To share files over PC, all you have to do is swipe right from the screen edge and press “Connect to PC”. There you have an option to choose between web connect and Hot Spot. Web connection sends files through the Internet and it will use up mobile data if you’re on it. So it’s recommended that you only use this option to share smaller files. The Hot Spot option, like the name suggests uses you phone as a WiFi hot spot and does not require data charges.

Xender does not have it’s own standalone PC app and requires a browser like Chrome to open If you want to run Xender on your PC as an app, you can use an android emulator like BlueStacks.

Xender is available for free across all platforms and come with no ads.

2. ShareIt

ShareIt is an application that is even more popular than the aforementioned Xender with over 1 Billion downloads on Play Store. It has a very similar origin story to Xender but it has a lot more features.

It has a standalone PC app which is very small in size which you can find at The mobile app feels a little cluttered with a lot of options but the PC version is pretty simple to use. It asks you to tap the “Connect to PC” option on the other device and you can either press the icon that represents the other device or scan the QR code to get in.

From here, you can share files and also do a lot more than Xender. It allows you to remotely view the other devices’ folders, has a PPT control option and also allows you to automatically backup photos. It also allows group connect.

ShareIt is free across all platforms too.

3. Zapya

Zapya is also an application that is very similar to Xender and ShareIt. With over 50 million downloads, I would say it’s fairly popular. The app uses WiFi for fast file transfers.

The user interface is simple and intuitive. In many ways it has the same functionality as the two abo0ve but Zapya has a very unique feature. It can be used to chat with other Zapya users.

Zapya is free to use.

4. Feem

Feem might not be as popular as the above option but it is an excellent AirDrop for PC. With over a hundred thousand downloads on Play Store, this underrated application might be the fastest file sharing application available.

This app used to look very outdated in it’s initial days but Feem V4 looks much better. It uses WiFi to transfer files. It will work if the devices are connected to the same WiFi router or if one device acts as a HotSpot. The devices that are able to connect would be listed on the left side and you can share any file with them. This app also has a feature of letting you chat with people who you are connected to. If you add a folder from your PC to the Feem you can directly share files from that folder.

Feem is free to use but you can pay to unlock more features. Unlike Xender, it has ads.

5. FileDrop

FileDrop is also a very underrated option for AirDrop. It has the same core functionality as all other apps listed as it also uses WiFi to share all kinds of files.

The main part of FileDrop is it’s interface. It has a very cute interface that is also simple. Connecting devices is very easy as they are detected when they are nearby. Like Xender, it also uses a website and not a standalone app. You have to visit the FileDrop website to share with your PC. The interface allows you to just drag and drop the files. But unfortunately, users have reported that the transfer speeds can be comparatively low.

FileDrop is also free to use.

6. SnapDrop

Well let’s say that you can’t download any application for some reason. SnapDrop is the best thing that can be used to transfer files. Just open the SnapDrop Website on both the devices to start the transfers. After this, simply drag and drop to transfer the files. SnapDrop doesn’t save your files on any servers. It uses P2P connection to transfer files.

SnapDrop is reportedly very slow to use. But if you want to send small files without downloading and installing anything, this is the app for you.

Final Thoughts on AirDrop for PC

So there you go, all the best available alternative AirDrop for PC. I personally prefer Xender because of it’s speed and interface, but i would recommend my readers to go for ShareIt since it is very popular.

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