Important Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

If you work regularly with After Effects, you might think to save time by making your work fast. So today I have something helpful for you. Today you are going to know some good Adobe After Effects Keyboard shortcuts. Well there are tons of shortcuts so we have provided some important ones and at last you can also find the Adobe After effects CS6 cheat sheet by Denis Klepcha. So let’s get started.

Important Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

Things You Need To Know

Before you use the mentioned shortcuts, I recommend you to first use and understand the tool or function then use its shortcut. The reason behind this is that you will know the shortcut and use it but you will never understand the basic principle of what that keyboard shortcut helps us to do, why the keyboard shortcut is necessary. 
Also first understand how to use Adobe After Effects. Many newbies who find difficulties using Adobe After Effects think that these keyboard shortcuts will help them. But they will be useless until you know how to work with After Effects.

Benefits of Using Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s very simple and short. They make our wok easier and faster. You need not waste time searching for this and that tool or function. If know the shortcut, it will just take seconds to do what you want to.

Important Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


Switch Between Control Modes 

You can switch between different control modes by using the V, H, W and Z keys.

Move To Next/Previous Frame

You can use Page Up and Down to move to next frame instead of dragging the indicator. Also you can use Shift key to just jump 10 frames backward or forward.

Navigate to Beginning/End Frame of Layer

You can simply navigate to the beginning and end frame of the layer by using the I and O keys respectively.

Navigate to Specific Frame

But if you want to navigate to a specific frame, use Alt+Shift+J shortcut key.

Navigate to First/Last Frame of Composition

Just use Home and End shortcut keys to move to First and Last frame of the composition respectively.

Reveal Different Properties

You can select the following shortcut keys to reveal the selected property of the layer. Hold Shift key while using these shortcut keys.
P – Position
S – Scale
R – Rotation
T – Opacity
A – Anchor Point<
F – Feather (if applicable)
M – Show Mask (if applicable)

Duplicate Selected Layers

Instead of to the main menu and selecting duplicate, you can duplicate selected layers by using the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut.

Open Layer Settings

You can use Ctrl+Shift+Y to open layer settings.

Show/Hide Rulers

You can simply use the Ctrl+R shortcut key to achieve this effect.

Show/Hide Grids and Show/Hide Guides

You can Show/Hide grids by using the Ctrl+’ shortcut key and you can also Show/Hide Guides by using the Ctrl+; shortcut key.

Create New Composition

Ctrl+N shortcut key will help you to create a new composition.

Shortcuts For Opening And Closing Panels

The following keyboard shortcuts will help you to open or close various panels in After Effects.
Ctrl+0 – Project Panel
Ctrl+1 – Tools Panel
Ctrl+2 – Info Panel
Ctrl+3 – Preview Panel
Ctrl+4 – Audio Panel
Ctrl+5 – Effects and Presets Panel
Ctrl+6 – Character Panel
Ctrl+7 – Paragraph Panel
Ctrl+8 – Paint Panel
Ctrl+9 – Brushes Panel
Alt+Ctrl+0 – Render Queue Panel
So these were some helpful Adobe After Effects Shortcuts that will make your work easy and fast. But if you want some more shortcuts then you can view the below complete Adobe After Effects cheat sheet by Denis Klepcha.

Adobe After Effects Cheat Sheet by Denis Klepcha

Important Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know


These were some awesome shortcuts many After Effects users use. You can also try with some of the keyboard shortcuts. If you know a shortcut which is not mentioned here, do comment and share with us and our readers. Moreover you can ask some questions and clear your doubts. Do not forget to share, because sharing is sexy 😉

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