5 Best Android Apps Designers Should Use In 2017

Today the world is developing at an alarming rate. So do the developers. We can now see amazing innovations in our technology. With the invention of smartphones and tablets, our work became much easier. We see different apps which provide certain features which cannot be done easily on desktops. There are much more apps now than there were in the past.

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Apps for designers are also now available which can make our work easier. These apps make our work easy and fast. Also these apps can be accessed anywhere. This helps us to do our work at different places. But since there are a lot of android apps, it is also necessary to find out which apps are worth having. Otherwise a designer would waste all his time in searching for new apps. So because of this reason, today I am presenting you the must have android apps for designers. I suggest that these apps should be used by most of the designers in 2015 to make your work easier. Some of them are free but others are not. But don’t worry, they won’t cost you much.  So these android apps will help your designing work much easier. Here is the list

1 – Adobe Photoshop Touch

Price – $9.99
Adobe Photoshop Touch comes with great features at an affordable price. This app has everything a designer needs. So if you have this app, you need not check for other apps. It is a must have app for your android devices.

2 – AutoCAD 360

Price – Free
This is the best android app for 2d and 3d drawing. It’s simple and you can draw and edit shapes with accuracy. You can use it either online or offline. This app can make your 3d design world very amazing.

3 – Adobe Photoshop Express

Price – Free
Adobe Photoshop Express is another android app by Adobe which provides photo editing features. It’s free and can be your permanent photo editor. This app provides good sharing features so that you can share them immediately after editing. It also has some amazing filters which can bring great effects to your photo.

4 – SketchBook Express

Price – Free
This Autodesk app designed for tablets offers professional-grade drawing and painting features. The new version now supports Android devices with screen sizes of 4’’ and above. It has a deviantART integration which makes your work much easier.

5 – Sketch ‘Em

Price – Free
This app is perfect for sketching work. It is basically a drawing tutorial to make a perfect start. You can learn sketching using a step by step approach. You can share your work and also look what others are sketching using the community mode.


So these were the best 5 Android Apps designers should use in the year 2015. Start your year by using these apps and end up with something big and professional. Most of the people do great work by using these apps. And if you are facing difficulties using these apps then just watch some tutorials on YouTube. The internet world is filled with everything you need. It’s just that you need find what you need and then work on it. I hope these 5 Android apps will boost your designing and make you a good designer. If you have some other app better than this, then why not share it to us. The comment section is always open for new ideas and inspirations. Not only this share your work you did using these amazing apps.

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