How To Become A Creative Graphic Designer In 2017

Today we see many graphic designers out there working hard and trying to be good in their skills. There are some who are far better than us and some who are still in learning and progressing. We normally see many creative designs by different designers. As the graphic design industry is progressing, we are seeing variety of new ideas of different designs from abstract backgrounds to photo manipulations.
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Once I googled some simple abstract backgrounds to use for my blog. Later I realized that the background is very simple to create and I can also create abstract backgrounds similar to the one which I used.
What I want to tell you is that after having a good knowledge in graphic designing you can create amazing stuff. But it is those ideas which are not coming up in our minds and then we first admire others work and then say “I can also do that. It’s just the idea that I didn’t perceive”. It is very important to be creative in graphic designing.
In this post I will cover some basic and important points which can make you a creative graphic designer. Every designer is different but in overall they have the same perspective of thinking.
The points covered in this post will help you to stand out as a creative graphic designer whether you are a newbie or with some skills but cannot get ideas. So let’s jump into the topic.

Never Stop Learning

If you think that you know everything then you are wrong. Always try to learn something new. Creating something new always works. Don’t just sit on the chair and think how to be creative. Grab a sketchbook and draw some fictional projects.

Observe the Surroundings

The place where we live or where we are currently really matters. If you are just thinking something new to create, then just have a look at your surroundings. You may find something fascinating may it be abstract scenery or your little brothers scribbling on the wall.

Read Tutorials

Reading tutorials is very important because as you learn, your knowledge widens and you can think more on something new. I always follow tutorials from Tuts Plus and Digital Tutors. This way you can learn and also try to create something new from the existing design.

Google Images – A good source for Ideas

Just google creative business cards and search for images. You will find many results from amazing to jaw dropping designs. Now open any image which you feel is fantastic. Now again observe the contents, effects, colors, shapes and then test your skills by creating the same design. If you know designing well and are not creative then I bet that you will be able to design it. This is a good way as you also get to see other peoples’ design and create it by your own.

Watch your competitors

If you are a freelancer or you have a blog on graphic design, see what your competitors are doing. If you lose a contest in those freelancing website then don’t be said about it. Just see what others did and why did
they win and you lose. You will get to know what others are capable of thinking and not you. This is an important step to be creative graphic designer.

Follow famous graphic Designers

By following the famous graphic designers you will be able know the strength behind their successful work and what kind of thinking do they have.
Follow Social Groups, Pages and Communities.
Follow all famous social groups, pages and communities on Facebook, Google and other websites related to graphic designing. I strongly recommend you to follow Google+ communities related to design.

Find such communities –

Abstract Design
Abstract Wallpapers
Amazing Designs
Photoshop Manipulations
Though some of these communities do not teach but communities (for example : – Abstract wallpapers) will give you amazing ideas and then you can try to create those designs yourself.

Share your work

Sharing is helpful especially when it is about graphic design. Send your works to a loyal person and ask them their feedback. Some of them would say it’s amazing but some will point out what is wrong or what does not fit. Connecting to such people really works because they don’t know how to create such things and they think different. Just consider the people whom you share your work as audience whether they are your family members or friends. They are the true people who can judge your work.

Connect with Designers

Connect with designers and share your thoughts. They may come out of their comfort zone and give you some ideas and you also can do the same. This way you can establish good relationships with other fellow designers and help yourself to be a creative designer.
So these were some good points and ideas on how to become creative in graphic designing. If you feel that I left out something then you can comment below and share thoughts. Meanwhile you can enjoy a list of the most inspirational graphic designs.


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