Top 10 Best Bootstrap Alternatives

Development tools provide a foundation to craft a web project quickly and effortlessly. Choosing a resourceful tool can raise the default capabilities of your project without forcing you to dig deep inside the long-winded codes. For the majority of web projects, developers often prefer to choose popular frameworks like Bootstrap or Footing. However, for those who want to build a simple and straightforward website, they need some fairly lightweight and uncomplicated tools that help them achieve their goals effectively with flair.

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Today, in this post, I have compiled a list of some development tools which developers can use instead of Bootstrap. You’ll surely like to give them a try as they are capable of handing almost every function you need to create for your website. So, without much ado, let’s discuss about them in detail:

1. CardinalCSS


CardinalCSS is a cutting-edge development tool for developers. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to stay agile and productive during the development phase. CardinalCSS is easy to use and maintain, and it comes with a range of features that are sure to impress you. Being a mobile-ready framework, it comes with some helpful default options that help you improve the scalability of your website.

2. Pure


Pure is a perfect solution for anyone planning to build an app that is both mobile and desktop compatible. It’s a nice tool with a minimalistic interface and grid system. Pure is lightweight and features a number of CSS styles that help you get started with your project with ease.

3. ConciseCSS


Concise is built carefully to offer you a range of options that are sure to appeal you. It is built by keeping the mobile-friendly feature in mind and features a simple grid system. It’s fantastic typography is what makes this tool truly stand out. It is fast, lightweight, and built over using 2,000 lines of CSS and hundred lines of JavaScript. The major purpose is to provide you with a framework that unleashes your creativity in a hassle-free way.

4. PowertoCSS


PowertoCSS is a simple and intuitive tool for front-end development. It can also be used to create beautiful grids on a website. It’s a minimalist, lightweight, and responsive tool that’s based on principles such as SMACSS and DRY. It keeps your code well-maintained and structured.

5. Skeleton


Skeleton is a clean and simple responsive boilerplate for HTML5 websites and applications. It’s the only thing you need to add an edge to your project. Some of its highlighting features include: a responsive layout, media queries, device-oriented CSS style functions, and more. It also includes a PSD template to help you generate mockups for your design in the quickest possible manner. Pick it up, and give a kick start to your responsive design project.

6. Furtive


Furtive is yet another mobile-friendly CSS development framework. The tool comes complete with grid and rem model and works well in creating CSS footprint. If you want to create an attractive and highly usable website, then Furtive is all what you need.

7. MontageJS


MontageJS is an open-source front-end development tool that helps you to create contemporary websites and single-page applications. The tool is praised for the ease it provides to create applications and maintains HTML code. Using MontageJS, you can easily synchronize the DOM updates for a richer user experience. Also, its UI components can be exposed and reused.

8. TukTuk


TukTuk is a striking development framework you can use as an alternative to Bootstrap or Groundwork. The tool is made using simple and lightweight components to help you stay productive always. TukTuk is praised for its typography details and some other resourceful elements to ensure a smooth project flow.

9. Gumpy


Gumpy is a popular web development framework that is built with Sass for faster and easier development. It features a customizer that helps you to modify the UI kit depending upon your needs. It also comes complete with a variety of grids with multiple column variations.

10. Base


Create stunning web projects using this high-performing development tool. Base is built by keeping Sass principle in mind. It is linked with HTML5 elements and does not feature JavaScript elements.


To Conclude

Here is the end of our round up of some top-notches Bootstrap alternatives. Keep using them and take your development skills to a new level.

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